Tattoo Skull Machine Embroidery Design

Tattoo Skull Machine Embroidery design is the perfect way to decorate your wardrobe items. Such embroidery is suitable for extraordinary personalities who like to stand out from the crowd. In addition, the originality and uniqueness of the skull in the tattoo style will accentuate your sense of style and taste. In a word, if you […]

Halloween Skull in Web Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The celebration of Halloween involves us in an interesting world of incredible events, traditions and fun entertainments. It brings with it some special carelessness, gives a sense of celebration. In anticipation of Halloween, we come up with a suit, prepare interesting dishes, we are looking for elements for the original decor. And try to combine […]

Halloween Hanging Decorations Machine Embroidery Design

All Saints Day, better known as Halloween has won the hearts of many. Its popularity is growing every year. There are more and more fans of this celebration around the world. For example, there are interesting and unusual “quest rooms”. Their main task is to dip a person into an atmosphere of fear, to believe […]

Poinsettia border Machine embroidery design

It is difficult to imagine a Christmas interior without green and red shades. They are so entrenched in the symbolism of Christmas that it is almost impossible to separate them from each other. And the human subconscious reacts just like that. After all, everyone when think about this warm family holiday, has an association with […]

Nordic Folk Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

Nordic Folk Machine embroidery design is simply magnificent embroidery in the style of Scandinavian folklore. It’s no secret that embroidery of many peoples and nationalities is very popular now. It is used to decorate the interior and clothing. Norwegian embroidery is traditionally performed in blue shades. For Norwegian people, these colors are associated with the […]

Circle Autumn Leaves Machine Embroidery Design – 6 sizes

The colourful Circle Autumn Leaves Machine Embroidery Design is able to decorate many things. First, it may contain any necessary color in its structure. It gives the chance to combine perfectly a thing with other accessories. Secondly, the round shape and a variety of the sizes allow to place it beautifully on a product. Thirdly, […]

Make a Wish Inscription Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

Christmas holidays are a time of fairy-tale mood, pleasant emotions and long-awaited gifts. Despite this, for many women, the period of winter holidays becomes a real test. Make a wish inscription Machine embroidery design can help you solve several of your problems at once. Firstly, it’s an excellent way of decorating your home. Incredibly stylish, […]

Christmas Pig Machine Embroidery Design – 5 sizes

Time flies and in quite very soon Christmas and New Year’s will be around the corner. Get a jump-start on the merry-and-bright seasonal theme with Christmas Pig Machine Embroidery Design. This pretty porcine design features a sweet little piglet, the patron of the forthcoming year according to the Chinese Zodiac. Such symbolic meaning, however, isn’t […]

Machine Embroidery Design Tiara Princess

Machine embroidery design Tiara Princess has all the qualities that are inherent in royal embroidery. It combines luxury, and splendor, wealth, and aristocracy. And to give your things and clothes of the same quality, you just need to use the design. Also, this pattern will help you create unique embroidery projects. In addition, the embroidery […]

Calligraphy Christmas Postcard Machine Embroidery Design

A bright and kind event, the Christmas Eve, quietly makes its way through the web of autumn days! All children and even adults, are waiting for this holiday with impatience. This evening we are going to meet with the whole family, sharing the events that occurred throughout the year. And if for many people the […]

Violets and Hummingbird Machine Embroidery Design

The bright and attractive Violets and Hummingbird Machine Embroidery Design demands 9 colours of threads. Some colours are very close, but for creation of such bright picture, it is necessary to adhere to the scheme attached in the file below. How to create a beautiful machine embroidery Work with ready designs and embroidery machines do […]

Machine Embroidery Design Dream Away Frame – 5 sizes

This Machine Embroidery Design Dream Away Frame is a great alternative for cool low-key and at the same time subtle embroidery with some meaning. The figure of dandelions with the inscription “Dream Away” can be embroidered both on youth clothes, and on a decorative pillow in the bedroom of teenagers. This word combination as never […]

Machine Embroidery Design Dandelion Split Name Frame – 3 sizes

We have a new design in our monogram frame collection Machine embroidery design Dandelion Split Name Frame. In fact, it is the frame in which you need to write the necessary words or a name. For this you need to have software that will allow you to do it. Also you can use any suitable […]

Russian national Bird Machine Embroidery Design

It is difficult to imagine Russian firebird without soft blue and white shades. It’s like separating the sun and the moon, day and night. Russian Traditional Bird machine embroidery design is a vivid confirmation of this. This embroidery from our collection of tablecloth embroidery designs is a legacy of Russian folklore and Russian culture, part […]

Zebras Machine Embroidery Designs – 6 in 1

Mighty solitary trees, steppe spaces, extensive watering and brightness of the sun’s rays. All these, as never before, characterizes savannahs. These natural areas of our planet are home to many interesting and fascinating animals. We want with the help of our embroidery to give your imagination the opportunity to “travel”. And at the same time, […]

Happy Thanksgiving Machine Embroidery Designs

Happy Thanksgiving Machine embroidery designs are an ideal variant of interior design. Feel the magic of orange and gold shades. Penetrate in a romantic autumn mood. Feel all the magic of the leaf fall and all the mystery of the rains. This wonderful set will help you realize the most long-awaited ideas, turn the interior […]

Crown Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

We can’t all be queens; someone has to clap when I walk by… We don’t know the brilliant lady who said the quote, but she certainly deserves a crown. That is why, to honor all those, who can relate and thus be authors to the saying, we’ve created Crown Machine Embroidery Design. Gorgeous, stately and […]

Christmas tree wall art machine embroidery design – 2 sizes

Christmas tree wall art machine embroidery design is a magnificent wall panel project for Christmas celebration. As the design is very dense we recommend to embroider it on a thick fabric like furniture linen or dense hemp fabric. Caring about our customers we prepared a full instruction of embroidering this project with the using of […]

Fragrant lavender heart Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

Delicate, romantic and sensual embroidery is a whole art. It is unusual, interesting, and at the same time beautiful and delicious. Our Fragrant lavender heart Machine Embroidery Design has all these qualities. This plant design carries a huge aesthetic content. It can be embroidered in a variety of cases, on a different of fabric bases. […]

ITH Machine Embroidery Design Sleep Mask Wolf – 3 sizes

Many years ago, sleeping masks entered in our life. Remember the old movies, where rich aristocrats dressed such an accessory before going to bed. Then it seemed to us a fad, an unnecessary and uncomfortable thing. In fact, sleeping masks are of great benefit to the human body. First, scientists have proved that the darker […]

Happy Halloween Web Machine Embroidery Design – 6 sizes

We all involuntarily look forward to the coming of the most sinister holiday in the year. Scary pumpkins, candles, children dressed in monsters and a sea of ​​fun – all these brings to us the celebration of Halloween. For lovers of original interior design, accessories and clothing, we have created the Happy Halloween Web machine […]

Lilac Branch Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

September has almost reached its middle. This means that we need to prepare for the difficult task of saying farewell to summer. All those bright flowers, light clothes, care-free vibes… Ah, till next year, we say, searching excuses which could postpone the unavoidable seasonal switch. For all those, who found none, Royal Present Embroidery generously […]

Rose and Jasmine Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

An entire work of art, a wall decoration, amazing look, tenderness of the palette and the refinement of the composition … Maybe some of you will now think about incredible paintings of famous painter Jensen Johan Laurent. His flowers amaze with their beauty like Rose and Jasmine Machine embroidery design from Royal Present amaze. Just look […]

Machine Embroidery Design Circular laurel monogram blank

Classic patterns with flawless epoch character and groomed visual merits are in high demand nowadays. The reason for it is that such historical pieces imbue style, chic and prestige. No wonder that their offer meets the demand in surplus. Yet how many of the available patterns come not only with the much-desired ancient touch but […]

Vintage Rose engraving calligraphic Victorian style Embroidery Design

With the rise of British period TV dramas, we see more and more those retro years’ esthetics in fashion and home decoration themes. First it was all Downtown Abbey’s delicate charm. Then it sharpened to Peaky Blinders’ piercing allure. Now, together with Taboo’s breathtaking thrill, all of them reign supreme, promoting vintage charm of good […]

Cartoon Tooth Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

The Cartoon Tooth Machine Embroidery Design will become a memorable gift and a surprise for the child. Despite the pain, the child waits for the time of baby teeth loss with curiosity. He already knows, has seen animated films and read books about the mysterious tooth fairy. How to prepare the child for loss of […]

Happy Thanksgiving Machine Embroidery Designs Pack – 7 in 1

Happy Thanksgiving Machine embroidery designs pack will bring bright colors into a rainy and drowsy autumn. Add extra pretentiousness and grandeur to kitchen and dining items. Looking at this composition, you want to drown in the soft veil of yellow leaves. It represents the elements that the golden-haired autumn pulls out of its basket. Pot-bellied […]

Halloween machine embroidery designs – LookBook

The traditions and beliefs of the wise Celtic people, rituals of the Catholic faith, as well as a lot of ​​positive, fun and joy – all these the modern celebration of Halloween combines. The holiday of Halloween, or as it is called the All Saints’ Day, has not only deep roots, but also an interesting […]

Trick or Treat Halloween Ghost Applique Machine Embroidery Design

For those who want mix scary, tasty and fun, there’s Trick or Treat Halloween Ghost Applique Machine Embroidery Design.  This spook-takular pattern has it all for true Halloween lovers. Get spooky, get merry and enjoy yourself to the most with this Halloween appliqué embroidery. Trick or Treat Halloween Ghost Applique Machine Embroidery Design will help […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Little Bunny with candy

The Free Machine Embroidery Design Little Bunny with candy is an excellent addition for kids clothes. Moreover, the eight various colours of thread used in the image can be easily changed. Thus, exploiting one computer design you will be able to embroider a great number of different rabbits. How to decorate a kidswear Any mother […]

ITH Witch Sleep Mask Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Sleeping mask is a stylish and useful accessory. It protects your sleep and even helps reduce the risk of wrinkles around the eyes. Interestingly, according to researches of scientists, eye masks are most useful during daytime sleep. Since the pupils are exposed to much more light than at night. Today we want to tell you […]

Silhouette Trick or Treat machine embroidery design

The Halloween feast is approaching us again. And very soon pumpkins and spider webs will become our best friends. The celebration of Halloween is time of unrestrained fun, sweets, costumes and pajama parties. Naturally, on this day we not only have fun, but also pay tribute to all the saints. When preparing for the All […]

Silhouette Halloween Machine Embroidery Design – 7 sizes

Lovers of machine embroidery know how difficult it is to pick the right design. Often, we are faced with a variety of problems. They are associated with the density of design. Silhouette Halloween Machine embroidery design is contour, light, and therefore suitable for the most delicate embroidery projects. This embroidery from our Halloween machine embroidery […]

Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

A couple of red-crowned cranes enjoy peace of each other company amidst golden ripples of water beneath them… Another haiku poem you ask? Almost – we answer. Beautiful as the traditional form of art from Land of the Rising Sun, Japanese Cranes Machine Embroidery Design is of a far more picturesque mode. Not only it […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Dog inscription

A true lover of machine embroidery tries to decorate the whole house with incredible designs. Turn the wardrobe of each member of the family into original outfits. Today we will talk about decorating accessories for four-legged and eared family members – favorite dogs. Each owner of this faithful animal has a desire to make the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Purple Roses

Do you love tenderness, romance and fairytale purple hue? It seems to us that this color is fraught with some elusive magic. Purple color in the embroidery is a really good decision. It gives to embroidery some mystery. Machine Embroidery Design Purple Roses seem to drown in this magic. Purple color is very popular now. […]

Japanese flag Skull Machine Embroidery Design

Those who are fond of the Japanese culture or sport will surely become interested in this design. The Japanese flag Skull Machine Embroidery Design can be used for: 1. production of separate stripes; 2. embroideries on sportswear; 3. in interiors of the rooms connected with the Japanese culture and sport. Japanese flag Skull Machine Embroidery […]

Free Berries ornament Machine Embroidery design – 2 sizes

The Free Berries ornament Machine Embroidery Design -2 sizes will become a fine gift to our clients. Those who are regularly engaged in a computer embroidery will immediately see a set of opportunities for its application. Free Berries ornament Machine Embroidery design Size: 98.5×44.3 mm (3.88×1.74 “), Stitches: 5887 Size: 128.5×57.7 mm (5.06×2.27 “), Stitches: […]

Machine Embroidery Design Classic vintage seamless pattern

In times when fashion and interior design seem to get caught up in the quest for the new, true elegance is still out there… in the past. If you agree with the statement, then Machine Embroidery Design Classic Seamless Vintage Pattern will definitely be your favorite this season and every season after. With a distinct […]

Halloween Sleep Mask Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Halloween sleep Mask Machine embroidery design will undoubtedly appeal to lovers of pajama parties, as well as to connoisseurs of all the extraordinary and unusual. This sleeping mask in the style of “horror” will definitely surprise all your friends and acquaintances. For some reason, many people think that sleeping masks are an exclusively decorative element, […]

Pink baroque frame Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Baroque is the pinnacle of luxury when it comes to the décor. Make use of this truly regal style with Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design. Rich, beautiful and unapologetically majestic, this elegant piece of embroidery makes wonders with textile of any type. Few words on composition of Pink Baroque Frame Embroidery Design The frame itself […]

Teddy Bear Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The Teddy Bear is familiar to many children. This favorite character of little connoisseurs and visionaries smiles sweetly from almost everywhere. Showcases of toy shops, children’s blouses, accessories and textile shops have become a wonderful “home” for this wonderful character. Teddy Bear Machine embroidery design is the key to a touching and dreamy children heart. […]

Outline Flowers Free Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

You already know that our collection of free designs is constantly replenished. We want to delight our customers with new freebies. That’s why we created our gorgeous Outline Flowers Free machine embroidery design. The originality of this design in its simplicity of lines. Flower composition and a bright combination of shades add to this embroidery […]

Little Princess Inscription Machine Embroidery Design

Little Princess Inscription Machine Embroidery Design will allow you to decorate almost all your baby’s things. Such an inscription is ideal for decorating an element of interior, clothing and accessories. In addition, this design has no age limit. You can use it both for newborn princesses, and for older little ladies. The main thing is […]

Machine Embroidery Design Floral Folklore border

We have already said more than once about the popularity of folklore motifs and embroidery. Today we want to introduce you our Machine embroidery design Floral Folklore Border. This colorful bright and incomparable embroidery will attract everyone. It is really universal. So it can be used to decorate the interior, clothing, accessories. The composition of […]

Corner Embroidery Design Hop and barley

In our collection of autumn designs “Hops and Barley” a new element has appeared. Corner embroidery design Hop and Barley will decorate any piece of interior. The composition of the design is done in detail and accurately. And sometimes, it seems that this is not embroidery, but real green and gold spikes. There are a […]

Floral Emerald Machine Embroidery Designs Set

We have already presented to you a few items from our emerald collection. Today we want to offer you a magnificent set. Its two beautiful patterns in the kit. They will help you create even more original and unique projects. Floral Emerald Machine embroidery designs set will undoubtedly be a great opportunity for you to […]

Floral Emerald machine embroidery designs pack

We create for you designs, which in many respects differ from the designs of other manufacturers. Our patterns not only have a unique composition, but also a special construction. Moreover, floral motifs from Royal Present are multifunctional and versatile. In addition, our collection includes single patterns and sets, that are related by the same theme. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Cute Puppy

Look at this cute face with an amazing expression. Such a sweet, funny and classy, this little doggy will help you to congratulate your loved people on Valentine’s Day. Machine Embroidery Design Cute Puppy will surely conquer the heart of your other half. And also it helps express your bright feelings. And how brilliant such […]

Lace Machine Embroidery Design Halloween – 4 sizes

Lace machine embroidery design Halloween is a beautiful imitation of lace. Such an interesting embroidery should be exactly in your collection. If you are looking for an original version of the interior decoration and garments for the Halloween holiday, it will surely come to your liking. Place such festive and unique embroidery on a variety […]