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Royal Present Embroidery


Chilli Pepper machine embroidery design

Morning, noon or night, we’re always ready to eat. Formal meetings, lunch with friends or romantic dates – food’s a go-to ice-breaker for any occasion. That’s why we take special care of the taste and t...

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Machine Embroidery Design Red Cardinal

Fresh chilly air with snowflakes melting in every exited breath… Snow crackling merrily under each light step… White fairytale, spruced up with red, cardinal and crimson flames of winter berries, sparkl...

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Ornate Orange machine embroidery design

What do you love most about the summer? Is it the warmth of the weather, which allows lightness of soul to soar high to the skies? Maybe it’s marvelous abundance of sweet golden love, shared by the sun?...

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Free Machine Embroidery Design 2018

In anticipation of coming New 2018 year, the embroideries with festive symbolics become the most relevant. You can decorate gifts with them, or the embroidered pictures become an independent original pr...

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Ornate Mango machine embroidery design

Ornate Mango machine embroidery design is not just beautiful image of fruit. The tasty and fragrant fruit bears in itself the mystery and appeal which was put in it by the nature. Mango is considered th...

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Winter fun quilt blocks embroidery designs

There’s a gift-giving tradition, according to which, everyone should get something of what they want, what they need, what they’ll wear and what they’ll read. Inspired by its wisdom, Royal Present Embro...

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