How to Prevent Puckering in machine embroidery

Very often we spend a lot of time by searching creative and suitable designs, which make for us a high quality original product. For hours and hours we are thinking about all steps of the embroidery process, choosing the placement, and try to bring everything to perfection. After expecting that embroidery part will look effective and magnificent we observe puckering of the image. Did you have such problem? So, what is the decision and what to do in this situation? Let`s gaze on it.

First, it puckers only around the edges of design, but when we wash the fabric, it becomes worse and worse. Of course this situation brings a lot of disappointment. But there is also good news. It is avertable. And we know the right way out. If you want to know how to prevent puckering in machine embroidery just keep reading.

All puckered out – reasons and right decisions


The best way of avoiding puckering on your embroidery products is using a stabilizer. Now some of you will say that it doesn`t work. And even after using it you saw puckers. The question is what type of stabilizer did you use?

For light designs with less shading and layering, the tear-away stabilizer will be the most suitable. But if you work with more complex designs the “tear-away” will be too weak. Then you should use cut-away one. Using of this stabilizer with medium-weight fabric and complex designs can prevent your embroidery from puckering. But if you are using lighter designs, you can choose different type of fabrics and tear-away stabilizer.

Remember that the hooping of fabric is also important. Never stretch the fabric before fixing it in your fingers. When the embroidery is finished, you will get it from the hoop and the fabric will return to its original shape, causing wrinkling around the outer design area. The craftswomen recommend using the smallest hoop that is suitable for your embroidery. If you prefer a hoop of the largest size, it can lead to wrinkling and puckering the embroidery design. Remember that you need to hoop the fabric tightly, but not tight, and do not tighten the screws strongly after the fabric is already in the hoop.

So, using of medium-weight fabric for complex designs with a cutaway stabilizer and spray adhesive is the property decision which really prevents puckering.

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