Brother Entrepreneur Pro X PR1050X: Overview

Imagine you were asked to make up a list of features for the ultimate dream embroidery machine… What would you like it to be able to do? Would you like it to be able to scan an image, convert it into an embroidery file, edit it and then sew it on an item without any […]

Why won’t my embroidery machine read a design, when I transfer it into it?

Embroidery process is a partnership between an embroidery machine and an embroiderer. At most times, it’s a beautiful partnership, with wonderful stitch-perfect results and lots of creative satisfaction. At other times the situation isn’t so peachy any more. Today we’ll deal with one of such situations, and to be more precise – the time when […]

Free Pink Ribbon Sleep Mask ITH Machine Embroidery Design

More and more companies, organizations, citizens join the company in the fight against breast cancer. We offer this Free Pink Ribbon Sleep Mask ITH Machine Embroidery Design for all participants of this movement. Since 1992 the pink ribbon became a symbol of this program. Free Pink Ribbon Sleep Mask ITH Machine Embroidery Design Size: 89.1×178.0 […]

Home-run embroidery business: extras that will add to your success

Today’s article will speak about various extras that will add to your success. Also it’s a concluding installment to the “Home-run embroidery business” series course. Thus it includes issues, we haven’t yet discussed. If you’ve just joined up on the theme, we strongly recommend you to go over the previous 5 articles to get a […]

Skills and knowledge, needed for starting embroidery business at home

Welcome to another portion of information concerning home embroidery business organization. The present installment, the fourth in the series of articles on the subject of home-run embroidery business, deals with the skills and knowledge that an embroiderer should have in order for their business to be successful. What is there besides operating embroidery machines that […]

How to find clients for embroidery?

Difference between embroidery, as a hobby, and embroidery, as business, lies in a simple fact – you need to be able to sell your embroidery and for this you need to find people who want to buy it. So, how to sell a thing of beauty? And what if it’s not a thing but a […]

Best embroidery machine for your home embroidery business

So, you’re looking for the best embroidery machine for your home embroidery business. If you’re reading this article, it means that you haven’t set your mind on anything definite yet. It’s understandable, taking the shear amount of things that you need to consider. The price, the features, the size – which of the items is […]

How to find your niche in embroidery business?

So, our tale about the road to the successful home-run embroidery business came to a point where we need to address the issue of finding a niche for your setup. Where to look for potential niches? How to make it done? What will work for your business in particular? Is it possible to start at […]

Home embroidery business: what to charge?

So you’re set upon taking your hobby up onto the professional level to get some extra income or even switch to it as to a full time occupation. In order to succeed in your endeavor you need to have many things figured out. Equipment, supplies, venue, clients, orders – the list of such things is […]

How to start an embroidery business at home

So, you’ve set your mind to get some profit out of your favorite hobby – machine embroidery. Good for you! As crafting industry hitting pretty high numbers in profits worldwide, it has fantastic potential for home-run business development. So why use this potential, right? But to get the gig going, you need to settle some […]

Columbus Day Sale! 20% off ALL our products!

Dear Fellow Embroiderer, It’s time for our Columbus Day Sale! We are offering 20% off ALL of the designs in our store! This is a great opportunity to buy designs for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and any other projects you are working on. Take 20% off for Order over $30 The sale expires at 11pm EST […]

Tiny Spider Free Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Children machine embroidery designs for Halloween from Royal Present consist of a variety of options for successfully decorating your baby’s festive interior and clothing. You can find unique designs, and apply them to all sorts of embroidery projects. Tiny Spider Free Machine embroidery design is indispensable for children of all ages, especially boys. Place a […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Little Bunny with candy

The Free Machine Embroidery Design Little Bunny with candy is an excellent addition for kids clothes. Moreover, the eight various colours of thread used in the image can be easily changed. Thus, exploiting one computer design you will be able to embroider a great number of different rabbits. How to decorate a kidswear Any mother […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Dog inscription

A true lover of machine embroidery tries to decorate the whole house with incredible designs. Turn the wardrobe of each member of the family into original outfits. Today we will talk about decorating accessories for four-legged and eared family members – favorite dogs. Each owner of this faithful animal has a desire to make the […]

Free Berries ornament Machine Embroidery design – 2 sizes

The Free Berries ornament Machine Embroidery Design -2 sizes will become a fine gift to our clients. Those who are regularly engaged in a computer embroidery will immediately see a set of opportunities for its application. Free Berries ornament Machine Embroidery design Size: 98.5×44.3 mm (3.88×1.74 “), Stitches: 5887 Size: 128.5×57.7 mm (5.06×2.27 “), Stitches: […]

Outline Flowers Free Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

You already know that our collection of free designs is constantly replenished. We want to delight our customers with new freebies. That’s why we created our gorgeous Outline Flowers Free machine embroidery design. The originality of this design in its simplicity of lines. Flower composition and a bright combination of shades add to this embroidery […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Lace Heart

“Elegant and romantic, but light and uncomplicated by multiple thread changes… If, when searching for downloadable embroidery lace designs, you want them to have virtues like the ones mentioned above, then look no further. In Free Machine Embroidery Design Lace Heart you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for and even more. Why? Because not […]

Free Tiny Crown Machine Embroidery design

This cute golden crown, executed in a small size, will not leave you indifferent. You will undoubtedly want to get this free design in your collection. Long since the crown was considered a symbol of power and aristocracy. These noble notes carry this design. Free Tiny Crown Machine embroidery design can become a bright and […]

Free Beer inscription Machine Embroidery Design

Our collection of unique free designs has been replenished with a new autumn and beautiful pattern. Free Machine Embroidery Design Beer and Hops will attract the attention of our customer or guest. This basic element is included in our new collection of designs “Beer and Hop”. What inspired us to create such an unusual embroidery? […]

CoverUp Permanent topping for machine embroidery

Machine embroidery gives a lot of opportunities and ideas for decorating our interior and clothing. Practically any woven or even not woven object can be transformed without special expenses by means of machine embroidery. Do you notice that after a certain time and a lot of sticker embroidered things begin to gradually lose their attractiveness? […]

Free Shell Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Each of us loves and represents the summer in its own way. For some, summer is a time of rest, travel and new discoveries. Someone spends the summer far from the bustle of the city along with his family. And someone immediately flies to the sea to listen to the its sound. Despite such different […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Made in the USA

To please our customers, we add free designs to the site. They are no less gorgeous, and often are particularly versatile. Here, for example, Free machine embroidery design Made in the USA. Its originality lies in its conciseness. That is why it is fashionable to place it on completely ordinary and at the same time […]

Free Tiny Rose Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design

The craftsmen, who are fond of machine embroidery, undoubtedly know about the value of such a hobby. You do not need to spend a lot of energy and time to get just amazing stuff. Machine embroidery patterns have excellent wear resistance, colorful and complex shapes. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays, because they do not […]

Free Laurel wreath monogram blank Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

If you are fond of machine embroidery for a long time or just started to dive into this interesting world of design, you are surely aware of the variety of materials for this craft. Before Free Laurel wreath monogram blank Embroidery Design. Before you embody this wonderful drawing in life, you need to pick up […]

Free Floral Quilt Machine Embroidery Pattern – 2 sizes

The Free Floral Quilt Machine Embroidery Pattern forms a separate square. Each quarter of the square consists of a branch which meets with three others in the center. Thus, a rhombus is formed inside, emphasizing accurate symmetry of the drawing even more. Only two colours in the pattern allow to make any colour scale and […]

Free cross-stitch machine embroidery design Chinese Pagoda

Modern technologies have presented us with many opportunities and advantages of the most varied scales. Thanks to the progress, all spheres of our life become more convenient. Man was able to reach the cosmos, he learned to overcome huge distances in relatively short intervals of time. The same distance ceased to be an obstacle to […]

Cross-stitch Rose Free Machine Embroidery Design

Cross-stitch embroidery appeared in the primitive age and since then has gained extraordinary popularity in many countries. In our time there are many subspecies of this technique, each of which has its own peculiarities and advantages. True, all of them are united by the fact that cross-stitch is still not just a hobby, but a […]

Christmas in July: 40% off, 3 days ONLY!

Dear Fellow Embroiderer, We’re holding a huge sale for Christmas in July this year! For 3 days only, we are offering 40% off our Christmas embroidery designs! This is a great opportunity to buy some of our designs. This discount will last until 11:59 PM on Sunday, July 15. Shop now before it’s over! Take 40% […]

Free Butterfly Tattoo-style Machine Embroidery Design

Do you want stylish updated items and minimal costs? Then use the Free Butterfly Tattoo-Style Machine embroidery design to change your wardrobe. After all, such embroidered butterfly gives things extra extravagance and lightness. Fashionable Free Butterfly Tattoo-Style Machine embroidery design is sure to suit the current trend of the spring-summer season. So, as it is […]

Skull and bones Free Machine Embroidery Design

Each of us at least once in life met skull image in a variety of places. Someone does not go deep into meaning and perceives this element purely from the ethical point of view. Someone associates it with death, and therefore is considered dangerous and unhappy. Some can endow it with all sorts of magical […]

Skeleton hand free Machine Embroidery Design

Each of us at least once in life met skull image in a variety of places. Someone does not go deep into meaning and perceives this element purely from the ethical point of view. Someone associates it with death, and therefore is considered dangerous and unhappy. Some can endow it with all sorts of magical […]

Lips Free Machine Embroidery Design

In the modern world, there are many images, which you can find on clothes. Among them, and flowers, and animals, and even parts of the human body. Always, it all looks very interesting and stylish. What to do if you are interested in a specific pattern for a specific model of jeans or skirts, and […]

Golden thistle Free Machine Embroidery Design

If you ever went outside the city, you certainly should have seen the thistle at least from the corner of your eye. This plant, which usually grows not only on pastures and wasteland, but also on the roadside. It is thought that the thistle is a simple field flower. In fact, it is perfect for […]

Instant download Free Crown machine embroidery design

At all times, the crown was a symbol of power, which belonged to the monarch. Made of gold and embittered by a variety of precious materials, it attracted many envious glances. Among them, even the relatives fought for the crown, so this subject was desirable. Now this symbol is still of great importance. The crown […]

Free machine embroidery software – My Editor

When you first begin to study machine embroidery, you learn the basics. Most often, the abundance of information seems to you a difficult task and an impossible mission. Gradually you learn, read, try, experiment and can embroider even a few pre-programmed embroidery designs. Time goes by, your skills and abilities are improved, and you already […]

Star Appliqué Machine Embroidery Design Free

The Star Appliqué Machine Embroidery Design Free will become a useful item for those who love embroidery and needlework. The applique in a star shape is used for adornment and restoration of a set of things. The size range allows to apply it as a patch or to create beautiful design on textiles. Filling for […]

Free Golden thistle Embroidery Design

Every fashionista knows that for several seasons there has been a variety of prints in the trend. They delight the look from almost all clothing items. T-shirts, leggings, pants, dresses and sarafans, bags and even umbrellas are like a pure untouched canvas of the artist, on which you can create something original and unusual. For […]

Rose Free Embroidery Design

Can you see the beauty in simplicity? Can you notice the delicate in the ordinary? If so, then our Rose free embroidery design is simply for you, as well as for all creative and extra-ordinary personalities. It is a majestic, royal flower – a rose, but in a simple shell. Therefore, you can decorate objects […]

Rose Free Machine Embroidery Design

Rose Free Machine Embroidery Design first look simple and very elegantly. It combines a beautiful red color and an incredible green tint. Despite its seemingly simplicity, such an embroidery looks just fine. If you are a fan of simple, unpretentious designs, such embroidery will appeal to you. All you have to do is figure out […]

Foreign transactions

Dear clients. Our site based in Russia, so we have to charge all the amounts in ₽ Russian rubles. For your convenience, prices for designs are set in $USD as an international currency. So it is possible when you see some huge figures in your bill are not in your local currency( USD, EUR, BRL, […]

Janome Embroidery Machines – Review

“Janome embroidery machine is the sales leader among embroidery machines available on the market. All models are of high quality, with additional functions for embroidery and are able to work even in cold and hot weather. ” This is what the official distributor of Japanese embroidery machines approves. But do Janome embroidery machines really have […]

Mother’s Day Free Machine Embroidery Design

For many of us, Mom is a special person whom we cherish and will never forget. Mom sincerely believes in all our beginnings, trying to support and help. Have you told your mother for a long time, how do you love her? This year we celebrate Mother’s Day on 12 May. Try not to forget […]

Free Dog-Rose Fruit Machine Embroidery Pattern

Royal Present introduce a new collection of our designs for machine embroidery. These are delicate, but at the same time, colorful and unique designs that are all made in one color solution – green and red. Many of our customers have been waiting for a collection that can decorate the interior of the whole room […]

Pink Ribbon Free Machine Embroidery Design

More and more companies, organizations, citizens join the company in the fight against breast cancer. We offer this Pink Ribbon Free Machine Embroidery Design with wings for all participants of this movement. Since 1992 the pink ribbon became a symbol of this program. In turn, this color symbolizes femininity, beauty and health. It is also […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Ghost

It is known that the popularity of kidswear in many respects depends on its convenience and appeal to the child. Sometimes a detail of a dress makes it favourite. Embroideries often play a big role in this appeal. The free machine embroidery design Ghost can become such interesting detail. Children will love it not only […]

Ornate Border Free Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

We all strive for perfection and beauty. That is why we are trying to dilute our clothes and the interior of the house with unusual bright elements. Different paintings, pillows, figurines and souvenirs, panels and caskets. All these things are considered the most popular for creating a special style. However, everyone knows that when creating […]

Choosing the Right Threads for Your Machine Embroidery Projects – Part 1

Choosing machine embroidery threads Today I would like to talk about threads for machine embroidery projects. This information will be interesting and informative for both beginners who have just set foot on the path of machine embroidery, and for experienced embroiderers. Now many of you will think, “Well, what should I know? After all, the […]

Tiny Heart Free Machine Embroidery Design

These little hearts from heart machine embroidery designs collection can perfectly decorate any object. That is why such a pattern simply must be in your collection. After all, you can use it anywhere, on towels, T-shirts, pillows, bed linens, napkins, and even curtains and gloves. Despite the fact that it seems at first shallow and […]