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contact usWe would love to hear your suggestions or comments about our website, so we could improve our collections and services.

If you have any problem regarding the download of an order, please provide us with your Order number and payment method, so we can assist you as soon as possible. We’re always interested in what you have to say.

Thanks a lot for contacting us, we will reply to your email as soon as we read it.

SP (Sole Proprietor) Konovalova Ludmila
ITN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 781621867817
PSRNSP (Primary State Registration Number of the Sole Proprietor) 317774600241551
Postal Code 111736

Moscow Russia

Dear clients. Our site based in Russia, so we have to charge all the amounts in ₽ Russian rubles. For your convenience, prices for designs are set in $USD as an international currency.

So it is possible when you see some huge figures in your bill are not in your local currency( USD, EUR, BRL, GBP…etc) but in rubles which is significantly less then in your local currency( for example, $USD/₽RUB rate is approximately 60 – 62 rubles per 1 dollar). Your banking account will be charged only the amount you see while purchasing, not more.Not all local banks can correctly convert the currency so it would be better to check the charge with your bank manager. All that said, occasionally merchant services does mess up an amount, so do always watch closely.

So, please,don’t be frightened it’s just the complexity of international payments. Almost all foreign transactions will trigger an automated fraud warning. It doesn’t mean that it is actually fraud, it’s just a flag to tell you to confirm if it’s really a transaction from you. Usually you just have to contact with your bank and verify the payment with them.


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Online shop terms and conditions of use

Online shop Royal Present Embroidery serves individuals, as well as retail manufactures. We welcome any new and constant customers and offer high quality services for them.
Our contact information is available for you and we accept all comments and request to satisfy your needs. Your suggestions and remarks will always help us to improve our services and we would like to have ones.

If any difficulties appear after you have purchased our design, do not hesitate to request our assistance. Our designers and technical support team are ready to meet your demands. According to User’s and Seller’s Agreement we try to solve all misunderstandings by negotiations first. The text of the agreement and terms of services are presented on the site. For both advantages we communicate and always solve problems. Just send us email to find out a solution or satisfy a request. Make sure that our mutual work brings only positive results.
We are open any time and quickly react to any emails or addresses. Our team appreciates our work with you, highly value your remarks and reviews.

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