Christmas Tree Embroidery Design with rubies – 6 sizes

Before a cheerful and long-awaited holiday we offer this Christmas Tree embroidery design with rubies. It will be interesting for both skilled and beginning embroideresses. First, you have a huge choice of sizes. Secondly, it is not difficult and will only demand two colors of thread. Thirdly, shades of colours and sizes’ variations give an […]

Machine Embroidery Design Sunflowers bouquet – 3 sizes

On soft terrycloth towels, machine embroidery design bouquet of sunflowers will make a really summery splash! With three sizes of the design available, you can create a complete set of towels for your bathroom. Morning showers “enveloped” in such wonderful golden bloom will feel so much more cheerful!

Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful Cross

The original machine embroidery design Beautiful Cross is presented by a peaked form of the sacral sign. It should be noted that the cross is one of the most widespread and most ancient signs in various cultures of the world. It became a cult religious relic in Christianity.

Christmas ball Machine Embroidery Design – 6 sizes

The Christmas ball Machine Embroidery Design is intended for refined and creative hostesses. Besides the embroidery, you can make an additional applique with a ribbon. As a result, the magnificent designer ornament will turn out on a chosen object. You can choose a ribbon of any colour and attach it to the embroidery, making the design really unique.

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas tree with rubies – 7 sizes

If you wish to add a little bling to the interior, it doesn’t have to be some highly expensive stuff. You may use such bright machine embroidery us CHRISTMAS TREE WITH RUBIES. It looks magnificent, and it is not difficult to place on any textile product. This machine embroidery design Includes 2 versions – with a bow and without it, each of which has several sizes.

Machine Embroidery Design Floral Ornament

Having enjoyed charm of this floral embroidery motive on decorative attributes of your home, don’t forget about the functional ones. Table textiles, embroidered with floral ornament, will make proud any hostess or host. Traditional family dinners or cozy get-togethers with friends – these flowers can add their sweet charm to any event. You can be endlessly creative with embroidery of such lovely detail. Runners, plate-mats – absolutely any textile piece for table setting can be transformed with the help of this pattern.

Machine Embroidery Design Gorgeous Cross

The machine embroidery design Gorgeous Cross is executed by two colours of thread. They can be close in tone or contrasting. The cross can be placed on any fabric basis and executed in golden tones. Not less solemnly it looks in light colors on a white fabric. Despite its contradictory symbolics, the cross is sacred for the believing people. It is a symbol of deep belief and any ritual doesn’t happen without it. Its image people carry on themselves or on their clothes all their life.