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If after buying our designs, you alter its size afterwards – please do so at your own risk. We are not responsible for the quality of the modified file. We can alter the design for you for an additional price. The cost for file size modification (it requires new design preparation, not just size reduction) is 1$ per file.

What to do:

Choose a design;
2. Put into basket;
3. Choose serviceResize of designas many times as you need per each design. For example: 2 designs = 2 x 1$

4. During payment, indicate design item and the size you require;
5. Make a payment;
6. Receive files for download in the size indicated on our site;
7. Within 2-3 working days you will receive the design size you required.

Important Notice!

You should be aware that we cannot insert into frames of 100 х 100 mm designs, which usually include many tiny details, so please carefully approach this question before you purchase a complicated design. Your requirements should be reasonable:)

If you haven’t received your purchase order email please try one of the following:
Check your spam/junk mail folder. Strict junk filters may mistake the purchase order for spam email so please check your junk mail for the purchase order email.
Wait for half an hour. For various technical reasons it could take a bit longer than usual for the email to arrive, so sometimes the best thing to do is wait for a short while.

Contact us. If the purchase order email is neither in your spam folder and even resending it doesn’t work then please get in touch with us and we’ll have it sorted out for your in no time.

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