Exploring 5x7 Hoop Sizes in Embroidery: Between Metric and Imperial Measurements

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Exploring 5x7 Hoop Sizes in Embroidery: Between Metric and Imperial Measurements

Embroidery enthusiasts often struggle with understanding hoop sizes, especially popular 5x7 inch hoops. This guide aims to clarify differences between manufacturer dimensions and actual embroidery fields.

The Metric to Imperial Conversion

It's important to note that the commonly used 5x7 hoop size in the embroidery industry actually measures 130x180 mm in metric units. However, when converted to inches, these measurements don't precisely match up with 5x7 inches but are slightly larger. Manufacturers usually round off these measurements to the nearest whole number, which is why it's commonly referred to as 5x7 inches.

Real Dimensions vs. Manufacturer's Specifications

Embroiderers can get confused due to the rounding practice used in the industry. It's important to understand that a design that is slightly larger than 5x7 inches, like 5.12x7.09 inches, can still fit perfectly in a 5x7 hoop. This knowledge is crucial when selecting designs to fit within the embroidery field.

Exploring 5x7 Hoop Sizes in Embroidery

The design's width is greater than 5 inches, but it still fits a 5x7 hoop. This is because the hoop manufacturer rounded the hoop size to a whole number, while the embroidery field is actually larger than the rounded size.

Navigating Hoop Size and Sewing Field

Beginners in embroidery frequently mistake the size of the hoop with the size of the sewing or embroidery area. This is because the actual embroidery field is generally smaller compared to the hoop size, as the machine's presser foot and needle mechanisms require some space. As a result, a hoop that is marked as 5x7 inches in embroidery terms will have a slightly bigger physical size. 
The size difference between the hoop and embroidery margin is about 1.5 inches, so a 5x7 hoop with an actual embroidery field will measure approximately 6.5 x 9.5 inches.

Tips for Selecting the Right Designs

It's important to understand the difference between the physical hoop size and the embroidery field. This knowledge helps select compatible designs and avoid designs that exceed the machine's capabilities.

Several models of Brother embroidery machines that support a 5x7 inch hoop:

Brother Designio DZ820E
Brother Innov-ís 1000
Brother Innov-ís NS1150E
Brother PE700
Brother PE700II
Brother PE750D
Brother PE770
Brother PE780D
Brother Simplicity SB7900E
Brother SE1900
Brother PE800
Brother PE900
Brother SE2000

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Please note that this list may not be exhaustive, and I recommend checking with Brother directly or visiting their website for the most accurate and comprehensive information.

Can you use a 5x7 hoop on a 4x4 embroidery machine?

No, you cannot use a 5x7 hoop on a 4x4 embroidery machine. The 4x4 machine is designed with specific constraints that prevent the use of larger hoops. Manufacturers typically specify in the machine's instructions if it's compatible with larger hoop sizes.

How do I know what size embroidery hoop to use?

Choosing the right embroidery hoop size is essential for a successful project. Selecting a hoop size that closely matches your design's dimensions is best. Less fabric between your design and the hoop reduces movement during embroidery, resulting in cleaner stitches. Some embroidery designs are explicitly digitized for specific hoop sizes, ensuring they look their best. For example, designs intended for 5 x 7-inch hoops will be good embroidered in that size. So, match your hoop size to your design's specifications for the most satisfying and professional embroidery results.

Embroidery is a complex art that requires a good understanding of hoop sizes. It's important to know how to convert between metric and imperial measurements to ensure your embroidery projects are successful. Once you have a good grasp of this knowledge, you'll be able to navigate hoop sizes and embroidery fields with ease and confidence.

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Date: 15.01.2024