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Embroidery enthusiasts understand the significance of having the right tools and equipment to bring their creative visions to life. The hoop is crucial in ensuring precise and flawless embroidery among these essential tools. Brother, a renowned name in the world of embroidery machines, offers a range of hoop sizes and formats to accommodate various project requirements. This article will explore the different Brother hoop sizes and formats, helping you find the perfect fit for your embroidery endeavours.

Brother embroidery machines are now some of the most popular machines globally. One of the things that makes them so popular is their ability to use various hoop sizes and formats. For example, the Brother Embroidery Innovis 4000D 5000 5000D XV8500D can use hoops up to 7" x 12" in length. This allows you to embroider large designs with ease. In addition, the machine can also use smaller hoops, such as the 4" x 4" size. 
This allows you to embroider smaller designs or add embellishments to larger ones. The Brother Embroidery Innovis 4000D 5000 5000D XV8500D is just one example of the many different machines that Brother offers that can use a variety of hoop sizes and formats. Brother machines are versatile enough to cater to all your embroidery requirements.

When it comes to embroidery, it's crucial to consider the type of hoop required for your project.

Fortunately, Brother offers a diverse range of hoops, making it a breeze to discover the ideal one to fit your requirements. If you're working on smaller projects, a 5x7 hoop could be an excellent choice.

If you're interested in embroidering larger designs, the 10x6 hoop is perfect for you. Moreover, if your embroidery projects are even more extensive, Brother has a jumbo-sized 14x8 hoop that could be your ultimate solution. Whether you require a specific size or shape, Brother will provide you with a suitable embroidery hoop to fulfil your needs.

If you're considering purchasing a Brother embroidery machine, it's crucial to understand the various hoop sizes and formats that are offered. The typical hoop size for Brother machines is 4x4 inches, although bigger hoops are accessible for larger projects. Additionally, Brother machines can embroider in both PES and PEC formats.

Choosing the right size hoop for your project is essential to achieving the best results. The Brother embroidery machine comes with several hoops to accommodate different fabrics and designs. The table below lists the hoop sizes and the corresponding maximum embroidery area.

  • Size 1 (Hoops B & C): 4" x 4" (100mm x 100mm)
  • Size 2 (Hoop D): 5" x 7" (130mm x 180mm)
  • Size 3 (Hoop E): 6" x 10" (150mm x 250mm)

If you're working on a small design, the Size 1 hoop is a good option. You may need to use multiple hoops or upgrade to a larger size for larger projects. With a bit of trial and error, you'll be able to create beautiful embroidery projects of all sizes


All of the designs available in our online store are compatible with Brother embroidery machines


Although Brother embroidery machines are generally reliable, they do have one limitation. Specifically, they may struggle with the program's thin satin stitches that measure less than 0.7mm. In such cases, the machine may mistakenly interpret the satin stitches as a regular line stitch.

Brother Innovis 4000D

  • Extra Large -30cm x 18 cm (approx 12 inches x 7 inches)
  • Large -18cm x 13 cm (approx 7 inches x 5 inches)
  • Medium – 10cm x 10 cm (approx 4 inches x 4 inches)
  • Small – 2cm x 6 cm (approx 1 inch x 2-1/2 inches)


  • 300 mm x 200 mm, approx. 12 inches x 8 inches;
  • 180 mm x 130 mm, approx. 7 inches x 5 inches;
  • 100 mm x 100 mm, approx. 4 inches x 4 inches;
  • 60 mm x 40 mm, approx. 2 ½ inches x 1 ½ inches;
  • 130 mm x 50 mm, approx 5 inches x 2 inches

ULT 2001/2002/2003

  • 260mm x 160mm ( 10.2″ x 6.3″ ), 180mm x 130mm ( 7.1″ x 5.1″ ),
  • 100mm x 100mm ( 4″ x 4″), 20mm x 60mm ( 0.8″ x 2.4″ )

PE 180D

  • 172mm x 100mm ( 6.8″ x 4″ ),
  • 110mm x 110mm ( 4.4″ x 4.4″ ),
  • 70mm x 70mm ( 2.8″ x 2.8″ ),
  • 20mm x 30mm ( 0.8″ x 1.2″ ),
  • 10mm x 50mm ( 0.4″ x 2″ )

PC 8500

  • 300mm x 130mm ( 11.8″ x 5.1″ ),
  • 180mm x 130mm ( 7.1″ x 5.1″ ),
  • 100mm x 100mm ( 4″ x 4″ ),
  • 40mm x 30mm ( 1.6″ x 1.2″ )


  • 300mm x 130mm ( 11.8″ x 5.1″ ),
  • 180mm x 130mm ( 7.1″ x 5.1″ ),
  • 100mm x 100mm ( 4″ x 4″ ),
  • 30mm x 50mm ( 1.2″ x 2″ )

PC 6500

  • 300mm x 130mm ( 11.8″ x 5.1″ ),
  • 180mm x 130mm ( 7.1″ x 5.1″ ),
  • 100mm x 100mm ( 4″ x 4″ ),
  • 20mm x 60mm ( 0.8″ x 2.4″ )


  • 100 mm x 172 mm (4″ x 6 3/4″),
  • 20 mm x 60 mm (3/4″ x 2 1/2″)

PE 300S

  • 100mm x 100mm ( 4″ x 4″ ),
  • 33mm x 27mm ( 1.3″ x 1.1″ ),
  • 25mm x 47mm ( 1″ x 1.9″ ),
  • 20mm x 60mm ( 0.8″ x 2.4″ )

PE 200

  • 172mm x 100mm ( 6.8″ x 4″ ),
  • 100mm x 100mm ( 4″ x 4″ ),
  • 70mm x 70mm ( 2.8″ x 2.8″ ),
  • 50mm x 10mm ( 2″ x 0.4″ ),
  • 25mm x 20mm ( 1″ x 0.8″ )

PE 150

  • 172mm x 100mm ( 6.8″ x 4″ ) 3 position,
  • 110mm x 110mm ( 4.4″ x 4.4″ ),
  • 70mm x 70mm ( 2.8″ x 2.8″ ),
  • 45mm x 20mm ( 1.8″ x 0.8″ ),
  • 20mm x 40mm ( 0.8″ x 1.6″ )


  • 100mm x 100mm ( 4″ x 4″ )

Brother SE 270D

  • 4″ x 4″ hoop (100mm X 100mm)

Brother PR-600II

  • 300 mm x 200 mm, approximately 12″ x 8″
  • 180 mm x 130 mm, approximately 7″ x 5″
  • 100 mm x 100 mm, approximately 4″ x 4″
  • 60 mm x 40 mm,

For example XLarge Embroidery Frame 12" X 7"

Extra Large Embroidery Hoop

Extra Large Embroidery Hoop

Unleash your artistic flair with the XLarge Embroidery Frame 12" X 7". Whether creating custom designs for your apparel or crafting personalized home decor, this embroidery frame will save you valuable time and effort with its innovative repositioning feature. 

Effortlessly move the fabric to an overlapping section and create seamless designs up to 12" X 7" in size without the need to re-hoop. For those looking to elevate their embroidery game, PE Design Embroidery Software allows you to blend multiple designs into one. Unleash your creativity with this exceptional embroidery frame and witness your designs come to life with ease.

When it comes to hoop sizes, Brother embroidery machines offer an impressive range. You can choose from the tiny 4" x 4" hoop or the massive 12" x 8" hoop. Each machine has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to select the one that meets your specific needs. The smaller hoops are ideal for intricate work, whereas the larger ones are better for bigger designs. 

However, it's worth noting that using the larger hoops requires a larger workspace. On the whole, Brother embroidery machines present a great variety of hoop sizes to help you find the perfect fit for your embroidery requirements.

Q: How do hoop sizes affect embroidery projects?

A: The hoop size determines the maximum area embroidered in a single hooping. Choosing the appropriate hoop size ensures your design fits comfortably within the designated embroidery area, preventing distortion or incomplete stitching. Using smaller hoop sizes is ideal if you have a smaller design or want to create a monogram for example. On the other hand, larger hoop sizes are perfect for accommodating larger designs, intricate patterns, and even larger garments such as jackets or tablecloths.

Q: What are the different hoop forma compatible with Brother embroidery machines?

A: Brother embroidery machines support various hoop forms to accommodate specific embroidery needs. Standard hoop forms include Square Hoops, Round Hoops, and Jumbo Hoops. Some Brother machines also offer speciality hoops such as cap frames for embroidering on hats or tubular hoops for stitching on cylindrical objects like sleeves or pant legs.

Q: How do hoop forms enhance embroidery versatility?

A: Different hoop forms allow embroiderers to explore diverse design possibilities. Square hoops are suitable for general embroidery purposes and offer stability for precise stitching. Round rings are ideal for circular designs or monograms, while jumbo hoops provide a larger canvas for more extensive and elaborate designs. Speciality hoops, such as cap frames or tubular hoops, extend the versatility of Brother machines by enabling embroidery on specific items or challenging areas.

Q: How can I determine my Brother embroidery machine's compatible hoop sizes and forms?

A: To ensure compatibility, refer to Brother's user manual or specifications for your particular machine model. These resources outline the recommended hoop sizes and forms compatible with your embroidery machine. For assistance in choosing the ideal hoop sizes and shapes for your machine model, Brother's official website and authorized dealers can offer helpful guidance and information.

When achieving impeccable embroidery results, the right hoop size is indispensable. Brother understands the importance of precision and offers various hoop sizes and designs to suit different project requirements. By choosing the appropriate hoop size, you can unlock endless creative possibilities and quickly and accurately bring your embroidery visions to life quickly and accurately. Refer to your machine's specifications and authorized dealers to find the perfect fit among Brother hoop sizes and elevate your embroidery experience.


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