Machine Embroidery Design White chrysanthemums

Machine Embroidery Design White chrysanthemums

This amazing machine embroidery design White Chrysanthemums will help to make things very refined. A variety of sizes allow to create beautiful patterns from embroidery design units. You can arrange them in a circle, along the perimeter, vertically and horizontally. Anyway, ancient and beautiful flowers of chrysanthemums will remain in the memory of those who see them.
In spite of the fact that these flowers are widespread everywhere now, chrysanthemums are closely connected with history of Japan. Chinese and East writings also mentioned them.

Chrysanthemums are not only beautiful, but also connected with ancient legends and symbols. It is one of the very first flowers which flaunt on the country coat of arms. The chrysanthemum is a symbol of the land of the rising sun and it attributes many miracle qualities. The flowers not only create beautiful gardens and interiors, but also serve as medical and magic means.

Moreover, their inflorescences and leaves are added to food. There are known and sacred holidays, connected with blossoming of chrysanthemums in Japan. Their ability to blossom even during the coldest season symbolize firmness, energy and true friendship. Japanese have removed thousands of new original sorts of chrysanthemums since those times.

Machine Embroidery Design White chrysanthemums

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In the machine embroidery design White Chrysanthemums we used a traditional image of the flower. Such form of chrysanthemums is on the passports of Japanese and the coat of arms of the country. You can easily recognize this traditional image and, alike a real chrysanthemum, well pack it in various design patterns. In spite of the fact that there are only 3 flowers in the bouquet, you may arrange in lots of sets. The offered drawing has 4 colors of thread, but, if desired, you can create a really multi-color design. There is a huge amount of colors and shades of chrysanthemums in nature.

This classical flower will perfectly look in interior design. The embroidered chrysanthemum will be suitable for decoration of nowadays popular Japanese restaurants. It will make the room unusually warm and traditional. Bouquets of chrysanthemums are possible to place on waiters’ uniforms, menu cards, table cloths, napkins, curtains. In combination with fresh flowers of chrysanthemums your design will be unsurpassed. Having used ready designs for embroidery machines, you will easily reach a perfect image in style.


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