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Royal Present Embroidery


Machine Embroidery Design Emerald flower

When Mother Nature is in her best mood, she can create truly magnificent masterpieces. This holds for gems of its earthy vaults, as well as those blooming above the prosperous grounds. It is fascinating...

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Machine Embroidery Design Sun – 3 sizes

There is nothing like a lovely ray of the sun to cheer even the gloomiest of moods. Even when sky is full of tears and heavy clouds turn gray with rain, a tender kiss of the sun can make them bloom into...

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Machine Embroidery Design Louis XIV

Unbelievably resplendent palaces mesmerized the whole Europe, putting other royalties in shadow of excellence of French style. Balls and marvelous masquerade parties fascinated even those who heard only...

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Machine Embroidery Design Luxurious frame

Fashion had to learn many languages, incorporating style of each country it visited into its own “elocution”. Finally in the 17th century’s France, being charmed by the luscious sun of the land personat...

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Machine Embroidery Design Jesus Icon

You see here before you JESUS ICON, or more precisely, Christ Pantocrator. It is considered the most important in Orthodox iconography and is revered by millions of believers. The Savior is presented he...

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