Make a Wish Inscription Machine Embroidery Design

Christmas holidays are a time of fairy-tale mood, pleasant emotions and long-awaited gifts. Despite this, for many women, the period of winter holidays becomes a real test. Make a wish inscription Machine embroidery design can help you solve several of your problems at once.

Firstly, it’s an excellent way of decorating your home. Incredibly stylish, and at the same time filled with special Christmas magic elements will become a “breath of air” for a slightly boring interior. Secondly, a simple and easy-to-use embroidery can appropriately place on festive outfits and family kits. And, thirdly, this is a great option for decorating Christmas gifts.

Make a Wish Inscription Machine Embroidery Design


Formats: .dst, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, dat, jef, vp3, .sew, xxx

That is why we can confidently say that Make a wish inscription Machine embroidery design have appeared in the piggy bank of each embroiderer.

In the sample, the embroidery is made in the traditional color for these holidays. Red shades will not only be appropriate, but universal. And the yellow stars add to this design of special magic.

Yet you can come up with your own interpretation of the design by changing the color palette. Maybe you want to make this inscription green, and the stars red, or vice versa. Or you will like the embroidered greeting in yellow, with wonderful white stars. Or maybe you will have the inspiration to create an embroidery in the style of mono, that is, executed in one color solution.

Such a universal design will look great in any color palette. Even if you decide to use the technology in color by color. Despite this, we recommend adhering to thematic shades.

Make a wish inscription Machine embroidery design is very practical and useful. After all, it can express the Christmas miracle in which we all believe. Even when we are already adults.

Where to embroider?

As already noted, there are a lot of options for this kind of embroidery. Create interesting holiday wipes. They will add to your dining room decor of festivity and wealth. Or decorate the rest area by placing this embroidery on decorative pillows. Or maybe this embroidery will inspire you to create a unique panel. You can hang it near the Christmas tree. And next to put a box to collect desires. Let your guests look at this embroidery, write a cherished wish on a piece of paper, then put it in a box. Collected desires can be burned in the fireplace, as if “giving them to Santa”.

In the festive wardrobe, this embroidery also has a place to be. In addition, we provide this design in several sizes. This means that you can come up with unique festive outfits for your entire family.

Wherewith to embroider?

For embroidery of this design you can use any thread you like. Nevertheless, we recommend using a metallic thread or Gutermann Sulky Railway. So you can create a flicker effect. Embroidery process with threads Railway does not differ from embroidery with other threads. But the machine embroidery with a metallic thread has its own characteristics.

To familiarize with them, visit our library and blog area. Also, follow all our new posts on the site. Thus, you can learn the main problems of the metallic thread, as well as the ways to solve them. This, in turn, will create high-quality, and unique embroidery projects.

Successful embroidery!

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 27.09.2018