Machine Embroidery Designs Teddy Bear Girl – 3 sizes

For small princesses and loving mothers, we created our collection of children’s designs. Each of them is colorful in its way and unique. Machine Embroidery Designs Teddy Bear Girl is an unforgettably bright element of this collection. Lovely fairytale teddy bear in a dress, just become a favorite friend of your baby. Suggest your baby […]

Machine Embroidery Design Floral Split Name Frame – 2 sizes

The Machine Embroidery Design Floral Split Name Frame will become a fine decoration for interiors, accessories and clothes. It is possible to arrange the frame vertically and horizontally. Two offered sizes allow to place it more precisely on an item. The inscription in the flower decor can exceed the frame sizes, but it is necessary […]

Floral Emerald frame Machine Embroidery Design

It is Difficult to imagine a monogram without the accompanying decorative frame. It’s like two links of one whole, two elements of the same composition. Floral Emerald Frame Machine embroidery design is a vivid confirmation of this. It combines not only the brightness of shades, but a certain tenderness and refinement. This frame for the […]

Small Wedding frame Machine embroidery design – 2 sizes

For every young couple, the wedding day becomes an unforgettable event. At the same time there is a lot of trouble. Especially brides have a lot of tasks to do. After all, they have to carefully think through all details. We want to facilitate for you one of the important tasks on the wedding – […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Lace Heart

“Elegant and romantic, but light and uncomplicated by multiple thread changes… If, when searching for downloadable embroidery lace designs, you want them to have virtues like the ones mentioned above, then look no further. In Free Machine Embroidery Design Lace Heart you’ve found exactly what you’ve been looking for and even more. Why? Because not […]

My First Halloween Machine Embroidery Design for baby girls

For many of us, the Halloween holiday has become special. On this day, we not only pay tribute to all saints, but also try to have fun. Each hostess prepares for Halloween in advance. She carefully selects the menu, decorates interior of the house and creates outfits for children. My first Halloween Machine embroidery design […]

Scandinavian Heart Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

We continue to acquaint you with our collection of incomparable Scandinavian patterns. It consists of many blue ornaments that attract the eye of their incredible beauty. Scandinavian Heart Machine Embroidery Design is one of the most romantic and tender elements of this collection. Its composition is amazing. A heart made up of a multitude of […]

Tattoo vintage Skull Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Tattoo vintage skull machine embroidery design is simply created for bright, extraordinary, bold personalities who are not afraid to stand out. At first glance, a clear design composition carries a special emotional message. It is able to express not the conquest of society, the non-acceptance of general norms and rules. Such embroidery will undoubtedly stand […]

Peacock Mandala Machine Embroidery Design – 5 sizes

For followers of Buddhist culture and just lovers of unique symbolic embroidery, we created our Peacock Mandala Machine Embroidery Design. Mandala is a complex geometric symbol. The concept itself arose many thousands of years ago, when people used Sanskrit. Now Sanskrit is a dead language. Translated from this language, the word “mandala” means “disk” or […]

Silver baroque frame Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Bulky furniture with excessive embellishing furbelows… Heavy fabrics, enriched with overkill ornamentations… If, amidst all these awkward Baroque interior decorations, presented in most retail outlets, you’ve already started to get dizzy… If, instead of crude bedazzlement of these ready-made seconds you want first-class polish of the truly graceful Baroque, then it’s time to take matters […]

Ornate Beet Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Soups, salads, pickles, juices and Easter egg coloration… Those who believed that beetroots are good only for the abovementioned numbers in our menu are about to be surprised! Why? Well, because Ornate Beet Machine Embroidery Design steps up the delicious game of this beautiful root vegetable. Grown on the fertile soil of fruit and vegetable […]