Machine Embroidery Design Dandelion Split Name Frame

We have a new design in our monogram frame collection Machine embroidery design Dandelion Split Name Frame. In fact, it is the frame in which you need to write the necessary words or a name. For this you need to have software that will allow you to do it. Also you can use any suitable font that you have available or which is included in your embroidery machine.

Many manufacturers of embroidery machines, especially if this is premium model includes several fonts. You can find them in the design library directly in your machine. As soon as you download this frame, find the tab with the fonts in your machine and the word that you want to embroider in this frame.

Machine Embroidery Design Dandelion Split Name Frame


Formats: .pes, .pec, .hus, .vip, .dst, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, jef, xxx

Machine embroidery design Dandelion Split Name Frame is easy embroidering according to the its density. Nevertheless, it requires special attention.

For example, if embroider this design on the furniture linen or on the loose fabric it is necessary to use additional accessories for stabilization. The furniture linen is quite dense. It is clear that the word “furniture” points that the fabric has a very dense structure. As a rule, for such a fabric you may not use the stabilizer. At the same time, you should decide whether you need the using of stabilizer or not on your own. Nobody can do it instead of you. Even we cannot do it. However, we have some recommendations for embroidering on such type of fabric.

How to embroider on a furniture linen?

For example, if the furniture linen has a density of 300-350 g/sq. m. or 450 g/sq.m, but the structure of it is cellular, exactly the stitches of this embroidery will fall through in the fabric. So you need to reinforce this fabric with the cut-away stabilizer and the glue of a temporary fixation.

How to embroider on a furniture linen

In this way you may not hoop it all together. It is enough to hoop the fabric, spray the glue on the stabilizer and attach it to the wrong side.

spray the glue on the stabilizer and attach it to the wrong side

We use the temporary spray adhesive for embroidering, sewing and cutting-out Takter 800. It is created for fixing dense and high-pilled fabric. You can find it in 500 ml cans. It is enough to use it for a long time. Even for us with everyday using of this glue, it is serve quite long.

Note: We are not advertising this product no for money no for free. We only give you a suggest, using our own experience.

To read about temporary spay-adhesive in more details you can visit our Embroidery library.

Some more information about the furniture linen fabric     

While buying it you can pay attention that this fabric is very tough, even it can be bent. This problem will disappear after the first washing. The fabric will become soft, pleasant and comfortable. It seems that this fabric is processed with a special liquid in order to use it for furniture upholstery. So you may not afraid and buy it for embroidering.

Some more information about the furniture linen fabric 

As the all linen, furniture type is also loose. So it is needed to process the edges of the fabric. At the same time, it is not such loose as linen, used for textile and clothes. The woven is denser. That is why you can not to process the edges on the overlock machine. Delete some threads from the fabric cloth and you will get the fringe effect.

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Date: 24.09.2018