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Royal Present Embroidery


Machine Embroidery Designs Vegetables

Aprons and potholders, decorated with such needlework would add cheerful spirit to cooking bustle and serve as clever housewarming gifts. Scrumptious buds, paraded in any order, will delightfully access...

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Machine Embroidery Design Eastern border

Mysterious realms of lands afar, where treasures are hidden in caves and beauties are kept in high towers, gave birth to most mesmerizing ornaments known to men. Articulation of intricate swirls and mov...

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Machine Embroidery Design Elephants

The elephant is the largest land animal. Different cultures ascribe to him wisdom and kindness. In stories this giant has traditionally acted as a fair ruler of the animal kingdom and a reconciler of c...

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Machine Embroidery Design Yellow tulips

The Tulip is considered to be one of the main spring flowers. Just as temperature starts to increase and snow begin to melt, they appear in huge variety in the windows of flower shops, declaring the end...

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