Machine Embroidery Design Elephants

The elephant is the largest land animal. Different cultures ascribe to him wisdom and kindness. In stories this giant has traditionally acted as a fair ruler of the animal kingdom and a reconciler of conflicts.

ELEPHANTS are creatures that are able to experience and express emotions, for example, to be happy or sad. They have gregarious lifestyle, and groups usually consist of females and cabs, which in varying degrees are all related to each other. The one in charge of such family unit is the matriarch, and the rest obey her unquestioningly.

The situation, similar to that pictured on the Machine Embroidery Design Elephants, is not rare in nature. In wildlife adorable baby elephants often hold the tail of the mother elephant to keep up when the herd is moving from place to place. All the younglings without exception are watched over not only by their mothers, but also by other females, because little ones are almost defenseless in the first years of life.

Machine Embroidery Design Elephants


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Baby elephants seem big and completely mature, but it is not so. Cabs, whose weight, by the way, is more than two hundred pounds, can’t eat, drink or bathe without the help of mother elephant, as they do not know how to use the trunk. In four years they become old enough not to hide under mom’s belly in moments of danger.
These animals are very sociable. They have poor eyesight, but excellent hearing. It is known they transmit signals not only using the sounds within the normal range, but at low frequencies which the human ear cannot perceive.

In fact, ELEPHANTS can be not just grey, but also smoky, pinkish and even white. The latter is a very rare color, in Eastern countries it is even a symbol of Royal power. In Thailand there is a special Commission which works in search of such animals. One Thai legend tells that a herd of white elephants once moved to thesky and still slowly walk there in the form of the Milky Way.
The color of mother-elephant and her baby from the Machine Embroidery Design Elephants can be gray, white or pink, or any other according to your imagination. This design is perfect to decorate a child’s room and diverse textiles. The pattern will look similar to hand embroidery, if you use cotton threads.

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