Machine Embroidery Design Indian monogram blank

Ornate Machine Embroidery Design Indian monogram blank has prominent traits of national character, but undoubtedly refers to the classic style. This exquisite pattern is so fascinating, that you want to look at it again and again, following the florid lines.

To Europe Indian patterns came with merchants, who brought jewels, expensive spices and luxurious fabrics from the far East. The surge in popularity occurred in the 17th century, when the British. Returning from the Eastern colony, began to bring along with them various textiles. The most common pattern was “Paisley”, which got its name after a Scottish city where fabric with such colorful motif was produced for a while. Other Indian ornaments were also wide-spread, until the popularity of the Oriental came to nothing.

Machine Embroidery Design Indian monogram blank


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The rebirth of the Indian decor in the Western culture had happened in the 60-ies of the 20th century, when the world was taken by hippie movement. Catchy motifs and whimsical lines were adored by the lovers of freedom. Eastern theme does not lose its relevance today, regularly appearing in the collections of fashion designers.
Variety of Indian ornaments is very great. The one presented at the machine embroidery design INDIAN MONOGRAM BLANK is florid, which is mostly prevalent in the Muslim parts of this multi-ethnic country. The main flower for the Indians is the sacred Lotus, which symbolizes harmony and creativity. In addition to lotus, mango, pomegranate, clove, palm and cypress are also typical.

Even the most ordinary thing with the monogram takes on personality and distinct identity of its owner. Choosing a machine embroidery design to highlight your monogram, please note the exquisite decor in Indian style. Machine Embroidery Design Indian monogram blank will complement the capital letters of your name. The Eastern character will give a special touch to the resulting set.

In the last time fancy monograms are often used in preparation of the interior for special occasions. It can be a birthday party, when high-quality machine embroidery of the person’s name first letters is used to decorate table textile and furniture covers. To celebrate a wedding or anniversary of living together you can put initials of the couple in Machine Embroidery Design Indian monogram blank, thus emphasizing the unity of their family.

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Date: 20.09.2016