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Machine Embroidery Design Doves

Machine embroidery design DOVES is all tenderness! Two birds are so touching that it’s impossible not to smile looking at them. They set an example of great affection and devotion to each oth...

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Machine Embroidery Design Golden leaves

Each of us has heard the truth that real beauty is in simplicity. In order to create an attractive view, there is no need for superfluous refinement and luxury, since in the end the thing can...

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Machine Embroidery Design Green leaves

The Machine Emroidery Design Green leaves will attract fans of plants and nature images. The branch with gentle leaflets looks almost naturally. It, undoubtedly, will recover an interior of t...

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Grapes embroidery design

GRAPES EMBROIDERY DESIGN is an elegant decoration for table textiles, suitable for festive serving and every day. Delicious dark berries and bright green leaves will not go unnoticed on white...

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Machine Embroidery Design Fern leaf

Fern leaves have a beautiful and very recognizable shape and are quite common in decor. Machine Embroidery Design Fern leaf looks modest, but elegant and will serve as a wonderful textile dec...

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Hydrangea Machine Embroidery Design

The Hydrangea Machine Embroidery Design is a single flower of a remarkable plant. As well as in nature, this flower isn’t really widespread in the embroidery. First, in wildlife the hydrangea...

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Machine Embroidery Design Grapes

Nowadays, grapes are perceived as a rather delicious berry and what wine is made of. In fact, we can call this plant one of mythical because there were rumors and legends from time immemorial...

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Machine Embroidery Design Raspberries

Looking at the Machine Embroidery Design Raspberries immediately imagine a delicious and fragrant raspberry tea, or a sweet, mouth-watering raspberry jam. This taste is familiar to many of us...

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Machine Embroidery Designs Red currants

Machine embroidery has already gained popularity among many housewives and connoisseurs of beauty, because even the most sophisticated aesthetes can find something in this area for themselves...

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Machine Embroidery Design Forget-me-not

Easy, simple Machine embroidery design Forget-me-not becomes simply irreplaceable. It will come to the aid of the most delicate embroidery projects. This design will help you plunge into the...

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