Machine Embroidery Design Grapes

Nowadays, grapes are perceived as a rather delicious berry and what wine is made of. In fact, we can call this plant one of mythical because there were rumors and legends from time immemorial. No other plant can match this with grapes. In addition, many nations gave the grape their own symbolism, but with certain similarities.

For example, in Greece, grapes were associated with Dionysus – the god of vegetation. In Egypt, the grapes were intended for the god Osiris. In Christianity, grapes are considered emblems of salvation and rebirth, so it is often found on frescoes, icons and stained glass. Moreover, this is only part of the many references to grapes in the culture and religion of different peoples.

Now the popular belief is that grapes are a symbol of family and fertility. Our old ancestors adorned family towels with this plant. Use the Machine Embroidery Design Grapes in decorating your house if you want to attract well-being and wealth. You can impose it on many elements of everyday life and decor, because the appearance of the design is very attractive.

In addition, our ancestors moved the motifs of grapes on their shirts, both female and male. Now such an action will also be expedient and will give an opportunity to update old clothes or give uniqueness to something unpretentious. Apply the Machine Embroidery Design Grapes in order to have in your wardrobe an interesting and unusual thing. Such a pattern can decorate any element of clothing.

Machine Embroidery Design Grapes


Size: 112.0×176.0 mm (4.41×6.93 “), Stitches: 22049
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, xxx

A simple, but at the same time, spectacular image will attract the attention of true connoisseurs of beauty and grace. A pleasant combination of colors together with an attractive detailed composition turns all the known plant into an elegant element of decor.

Decoding of the thread measurement from Royal Present Embroidery:

Often, every embroiderer wants to buy a high quality thread. That is why we appeals to proven manufacturers. They have their own marking. The difficulty is that it can differ from the marking of another manufacturer. Moreover, this means that you will have to understand the basic marking terms for embroidery threads.

Therefore, threads for machine embroidery can designate three different markings. Each manufacturer selects for thread the option that suits more. These markings include such designations as wt, denier and tex.

Let us see what each of them means.

Wt – weight of the thread. The most popular and commonly accepted yarns with such markings are thread 40 wt. They are suitable, as a rule, for all embroidery projects. If you are embroidering a design with a dense stitching, we recommend taking a thread thinner, for example, 50 wt. accordingly, the higher the number – the lighter the thread. In addition, accept these two types are also popular 30 weight threads.

Denier – This is the weight of the yarn in grams for a 9,000-meter long bobbin. Naturally, the higher the number, the heavier thread. This measurement is most often used for synthetic threads. The most popular threads are considered to be 120/2 = 240 denier (40 Wt).

Tex – yarn weight in grams for a 1000 meters bobbin. Here the most common threads are 25 tex, which is 40 weight or 240 denier.

P.S. We sincerely hope that our Machine Embroidery Design Grapes will allow you to create a unique beauty with your own hands. Creative solutions to you!

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