Machine Embroidery Design Rose bush – 3 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Rose bush

Delightful Machine Embroidery Design Rose bush is a living proof of how attractive correct forms are. Composition of flowers, leaves and tiny birds lies in a perfect circle, as if drawn inside an invisible frame. Not a single leaf stands out that makes this machine embroidery design look extraordinary, even magical. Place it on a cushion, napkin or decorate table linens – roses with birds would be great everywhere.

Soft colors give the Machine Embroidery Design Rose bush special charm. There are just two of them, yellow and green, presented in muted tones. Their combination is considered to be one of the most favorable, because nature itself was the first to use it. Flowers of all shades of yellow look stunning against the greenery, be it simple dandelions or noble tea roses. Therefore, patterns for embroidery machines like the ROSE BUSH cause only positive emotions. Such ornaments don’t need a riot of colors.

Machine Embroidery Design Rose bush


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Beauty of the ROSE BUSH lies not merely in the design features but also in the storyline. What do we see in the picture? First and foremost, large open rose buds, surrounded by green leaves, catch the eye. Only looking closer, one can discern three little birds, which shelter in the branches. Maybe creating this machine embroidery design, its author thought about the nightingale. The bird often settles in shrubbery and has a gentle voice.

Nightingale’s song is probably the best melody for dreamy natures. It symbolizes the music of the heart, and the bird itself is an emblem of poetic inspiration. If the nightingale is depicted next to the rose, the image speaks primarily about love. That’s why Machine Embroidery Design Rose bush looks so romantic. It reminds of warm summer days and nights filled with the scent of blooming roses and deeply moving singing of the nightingale.

In Royal Present Embroidery collection there are so many patterns for embroidery machines, each of which is worthy of attention. It combines the beauty of form and content, sets an example of elegance and good taste. This motif will be a wonderful decoration of classical interior or a girl’s room. It would look equally admirable on clothing and accessories.

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