Free Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Decor – 3 sizes

Free Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Decor

Some prefer fresh flowers in the house, but don’t want to duplicate them in an embroidery. Beautiful designs do not always fit to a certain style of the room. Do you want to decorate the house, but not to overload it with excessive additions? We have considered this approach as well. If you are an adherent of classical, or more reserved style, then this design is for you.

This free machine embroidery design Elegant decor will very gracefully fit into any style. Despite its refinement, it is simple in work and demands only one color of thread. Though, as shown in a sample, you can choose multi-color thread. In this case, a fantastic pattern with modulations and 3-D effect will turn out. Golden-silvery threads are very attractive. But, wishing to unite all home decoration, you can choose any necessary color in tone of accessories.

This free machine embroidery design Elegant decor can be placed vertically and horizontally. Moreover, the combination of big and small sizes, different decor’s positions will connect all details of an interior. It will perfectly locate on cushions, curtains, table cloths, covers. It can, also, form a border, if you combine several repeating patterns.

Free Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Decor

Formats: .dst, .pec, .exp, .hus, .vip, .pes, .dat, .vp3, .sew, art

Besides application of the design in an interior decor, this classical elegant pattern can be also used on clothes. A blouse or a dress of classical style will change and will become more refined with such embroidered addition. Contrast or in tone of a dress, the decor, will emphasize and adorn your clothes. Moreover, you can not be afraid that someone will appear on reception in the same dress. Perfectly chosen machine embroidery designs absolutely exclude such opportunity. So, you can buy the most usual dress or a blouse and make them unique.

Thus, free machine embroidery design Elegant decor will become demanded for mass production of textiles as well. Such florid drawing combines classics and ceremonial style. It doesn’t break canons of restraint style and, at the same time, makes interiors elegant. The decor is acceptable for decoration of restaurants, rooms and halls of hotels, offices, etc. Several sizes of the pattern allow to decorate not only textiles, but also personnel overalls.


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