Machine Embroidery Design Chinese pattern

CHINESE PATTERN is an example of luxurious machine embroidery design, which will literally transform your home textiles. Linen, towels, serving sets, or even light translucent curtains, decorated with such a refined Oriental border, will look exquisite and draw the attention of guests. This extraordinary design will not only serve as adornment, but will also attract happiness and material wellbeing to your family.

Chinese culture is very symbolic, no image is used just for the sake of beauty, because each of them carries a specific meaning. Decorative arts are no exception, where all elements have their own significance.

National Chinese ornaments are diverse, among them there are not only the usual geometric or floral, but also unusual ones, for example, depicting natural phenomena or abstract concepts of good and evil.

Machine embroidery design CHINESE PATTERN is a combination of a traditional geometric motif – rectangular, and one of the most popular of floral – peony.

The rectangular pattern seems similar to a spiral. It is done by connecting short lines, the number of which is limited solely by the author. This angular ornament is a positive symbol: it denotes rain, the giver of fertility. No less important is the fact that the motif can continue endlessly, which means infinity or even immortality.

Machine Embroidery Design Chinese pattern


Hoop size 140×200 mm (≈5.7×7.9 inches), 160×260 mm (≈6.2×10.2 inches);
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat, xxx, vp3

In CHINESE PATTERN rectangular ornament goes together with peonies, the favorite flowers of the Chinese. In the early 20th century, the peony became officially known as the first flower of China, and it deserved such a proud title for many reasons.

Literally translated from the Chinese, word “peony” means “the flower of nobility and wealth”, so it is considered a guardian of prosperity. Tree peony has grown in China for about 15 centuries, and during this time many varieties have been derived. In the middle ages, some of them were evaluated so expensive that they could be traded only on pure gold.

Peony in the circle of the seasons corresponds to spring, meaning the rebirth of life. The open bud of bright color represents strength, the pursuit of beauty and perfection. The king among flowers also tells about wealth and power, for which it is also called the blossom of the emperors.

Surprisingly, once the Empire almost lost its beloved flower. A legend tells that a wayward ruler Wu Zetian, in anger on the peonies. Because they couldn’t bloom all year round, ordered to destroy every one of them. To keep the delightful creation from unfair punishment, gardeners secretly dug up all the seedlings and transported them to Luoyang. Since then, the city holds an annual Peony Festival, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

The Chinese never present fresh flowers. But images or figurines of peonies are often given as a gift, wishing success and wellbeing. If you would gladly follow such a nice tradition, pay attention to machine embroidery design CHINESE PATTERN. The decor, that wishes prosperity and longevity, makes the perfect embellishment for gift textiles.

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