Rose Free Embroidery Design

Can you see the beauty in simplicity? Can you notice the delicate in the ordinary? If so, then our Rose free embroidery design is simply for you, as well as for all creative and extra-ordinary personalities. It is a majestic, royal flower – a rose, but in a simple shell. Therefore, you can decorate objects […]

Basset Hound Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

For fans of these faithful and beautiful animals, we created our Basset Hound Machine embroidery design. This dog, with good and sincere eyes, will conquer not only the adult, but also the child’s heart. Therefore, such embroidery is perfect for decorating children’s rooms or interiors of family cafes and game rooms. Please note that we […]

Golden Thistle corner Machine Embroidery Design

We offer this beautiful Gold Thistles corner Machine Embroidery Design for those who love unique embroideries. We used beautiful shades of golden-yellow and violet colors in the work. Firstly, they easily combine with many other colours. Secondly, the corner machine embroidery design is very universal. You can use it as a border, turn it in […]

Golden thistles Machine Embroidery Pattern – 3 sizes

When talking about decorative themes with Scottish influence, “rustic” or “cozy” is what comes to the mind of most. Surely, up in the highlands, where weathering heights make their own adjustments to definition of fashion and style, “arcadian” and “homey” are in higher demand. Especially with the heart-warming beauty of all those tartan-patterned throws, antler […]

Golden thistles border Machine Embroidery Design – 7 sizes

At first glance, it seems that the thistles are simple, unremarkable flowers. However, if you look closely, you understand that behind this simplicity lies the incredible beauty, magic of a charming purple color. By the way, do you know that the thistle is a symbol of Scotland? In this country, it symbolize luxury, wealth, as […]

Violet flowers machine embroidery design

The Violet flowers machine embroidery design will draw attention of those who love these small fragrant florets. They are pleasant not only as a picturesque image, but also by their attractive colour. For their execution we recommend three shades of violet and two green colours. If you use Madeira thread, then try to choose the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Dragonfly

In the modern world of clothing, some elements remain unchanged: beads, sequins, pearls and Swarovski pebbles – are classic decorative elements. Nevertheless, patches are at the peak of their popularity. For some reason earlier, these two words were associated with military either uniforms or sportswear. Now we decorate a wide variety of our wardrobe items […]

Golden thistle Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Do you want looking amazing and stylish? If yes, we are ready to introduce you our new collection. It is thistle patterns. These flower ornaments are not so similar with roses, daisies or peony. However, the using of thistle embroidery pattern will give a good opportunity to add to the clothes of extra-ordinary people stylish […]

French Queen Bee Machine Embroidery Design – 5 sizes

The French Queen Bee Machine Embroidery Design is a complex and refined picture on a fabric. It contains several images — a crown, a bee and a beautiful frame in Baroque style. The expressive and distinguished embroidery is executed by two colours of threads. We suggest to use Madeira thread. Firstly, its wide colour palette […]

Butterfly border Tattoo-style Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

Butterfly border Tattoo-Style Machine embroidery design combines color shades and represents the whole composition of skillfully selected elements: lines, leaves, hearts and a fluttering butterfly. It looks very stylish. Now we will tell you how to decorate your clothes with such gorgeous butterfly border embroidery design. Butterfly border Tattoo-Style Machine embroidery design is suitable for […]

Pink Horse Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Pink Horse Machine embroidery design will come to the liking of horses’ lovers, and just those who love an extraordinary, bright and unusual style in clothes. For example, lovely pink horses jumping over your bag will bring others to delight. Did you know that a women’s handbag is a very important item in the wardrobe? […]

Pink flowers Machine Embroidery Design

If you are crazy about elegant clothes decorated with embroidery and are in constant search of ideas for T-shirts, dresses, tunics and blouses, this design from our machine embroidery designs for necklines is simply for you. It will become a bright adornment of your wardrobe, because it combines a spring mood and brilliant tenderness. Pink […]

Golden thistles Machine Embroidery Design – 7 sizes

Do you miss the original simplicity? We are. That is why we decided to create this unique, whirling head design. Naturally, some of you will say that a thistle is not even a flower, and it never compares with a queen-rose or a gentle daisy. Nevertheless, for each its own alternative. Look at this, on […]

Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Butterfly – 2 sizes

Florals, stripes, polka dots – there’re some trends that defy the ever-changing nature of fashion. In print, appliqué and, of course, embroidery, these fashion “heroes” prove season after season, they’re here to stay. So much so, that absence of these patterns makes catwalks feel barren and wardrobes incomplete. Or at least it was so until […]

Flower bicycle Machine Embroidery Design – 5 sizes

Do you agree that create an interior room; made in two or three colors, can each of us. Such interiors have some standard, clichéd and familiar. However, there are not standard interior design options. They will suit the non-ordinary, courageous individuals who know how to stand out from the crowd. When creating such a trendy […]

Roses Heart Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

For true romantics and subtle feminine natures, we present a completely new, delicate and elegant design. This is our alternative to the traditional heart symbol. Roses Heart Machine embroidery design symbolizes a majestic feeling – love. Such embroidery will ideally convey your emotions and feelings and can become the most sincere and original declaration of […]

Chinese ornament Embroidery Design

Did you know that Chinese embroidery is a whole art? It has existed for centuries, and people pass it from generation to generation. In China, there are four schools of embroidery. Each of them accepts students, conducts lessons and seminars, representing, and thereby developing, the world-famous traditional silk on silk embroidery. Chinese ornament Embroidery Design […]

Peacock Corner Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Fabulously luxurious and colorful Peacock Corner Machine embroidery design will undoubtedly become the highlight of your interior in the oriental style. It combines brightness, festivity, originality and possesses magical powers, attracting the eye of a person. After looking at it once, you can no longer take your eyes off. A magnificent bird of the peacock […]

Contour Lips Machine Embroidery Design – 6 sizes

Many of our customers have already loved this design for its originality and unusualness. It is trendy, modern and will become a bright decoration of your wardrobe. All that you need is to include imagination and creativity, and your hands begin to create. Make a whole collection of daily T-shirts using only one design of […]

Triptych Roses Machine Embroidery Designs

Have you ever heard of the triptych style? This is an art, which consists of three, united by the same theme elements: paintings, bas-reliefs, or carved panels. This style of art is now at the peak of its popularity. We are one of those who prefer to carry art to the people with the help […]

Machine embroidery design Vintage Christmas candles

Christmas atmosphere is hidden not only in the beautifully decorated Christmas tree or in packaged gifts. It is also in small things. Chair`s Covers, tablecloths and napkins, Christmas socks on the fireplace, decorative pillows with embroidery will help you create such an atmosphere in the house. In this case, Machine embroidery design Vintage Christmas candles […]

Flowers Quilt block embroidery pattern

Do you like embroidery in a folk style? In our opinion, such embroidery is original, colorful and unique. It allows us to decorate our homes and as if to take us into the past. In those quiet, kind and lovely times, when our ancestors used embroidery as a guardian, the keeper of the hearth and […]

Daisies Espadrilles Machine Embroidery Pattern – 4 sizes

Ever wanted to have shoes made of flowers? Of daisies in particular? If yes, then you’re not alone. It all started with Prada going crazy for daisies it the shoes that instantly grabbed everyone’s attention. Then Dolce and Gabbana caught on the golden-white flower vibe, making us all wear daisies. After them Charlotte Olympia stunned […]

Polish Square Floral machine embroidery design – 5 sizes

We continue to acquaint you with our collection of delightful, colorful and unforgettable designs in folklore style. When you look at this beauty, the first thought that arises in your head is «Great!» They are majestic and can decorate any subject. Do you know that you can love the embroidery, as if a human, from […]

Horse embroidery design – 6 sizes

The Horse embroidery design is executed in a graphic style. As a result of this work the whole complex of arts appear: drawing, graphics, embroidery. Thus, first of all the design is suitable for the creation of embroidered pictures. This image will fit into many styles of the interior. It can become a fine addition […]

Hungarian folk art machine embroidery pattern – 2 sizes

Do you like unique and extraordinary outfits? Do you follow the latest innovations in the fashion world? Every woman wants to look delicious, elegant and enthrall people. We often hear the phrase woman charm. Nevertheless, in fact, it is not inherent in every woman. How, then, to achieve such an effect? It is simple. A […]

Peonies Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The whole world is obsessed with peonies. In wedding bouquets, accessories, home décor and even confectionary – voluminous pastel-pink beauties seem to have conquered people’s minds, hearts and souls with their ethereal grace. Fashion too couldn’t escape their aromatic flower-power. Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and so many others bowed to the floral majesties […]

Corner Polish floral folk embroidery pattern – 2 sizes

Do you like colorful and bright embroidery? Or do you like unforgettable embroidered elements in folk style? If so, then the Corner Polish floral folk embroidery pattern is simply obliged to replenish your collection of patterns. This new design from our folk collection represents Polish embroidery, the birthplace of which is the Lowickie town. Corner […]

Three Baroque buttonholes Machine Embroidery Designs

Have you ever thought about what makes a woman luxurious and elegant? This is the manner of her behavior, facial expressions, gestures, habits on the one hand, and of course the right cloth style on the other. Probably, for you it will not be a secret that women’s charm is not inherent in everyone. An […]

Mini Seashells Machine Embroidery Designs

The most beloved time of all children and many adults is summer. It pleases us not only with warm sunrays, which strive to penetrate through our sunglasses and to please our eyes with their light, but also it is an excellent opportunity to relax. In the summer, we can travel with our family and simply […]

Set of Monogram Frame Machine Embroidery designs

Each of us who loves romantic films in the style of the middle ages, often noticed how a woman beautifully and romantically drops her handkerchief or glove, with an unusual embroidered letter in memory to her lover. Then he keeps a gift for many years, remembering his beloved woman. It is really romantic. Why should […]

Fashion Daisies Machine Embroidery Design – 6 sizes

Daisy is loved by many people flower. Maybe we cannot compare it with the queen of flowers – a rose, but it has something special that attracts. It seems, at first glance, that this is a simple flower. However, we can definitely say that all beautiful is simple. Daisy embroidery pattern is very popular and […]

Rose Free Machine Embroidery Design

Rose Free Machine Embroidery Design first look simple and very elegantly. It combines a beautiful red color and an incredible green tint. Despite its seemingly simplicity, such an embroidery looks just fine. If you are a fan of simple, unpretentious designs, such embroidery will appeal to you. All you have to do is figure out […]

Chinese Ornament Machine Embroidery Design

If you are looking for an interesting idea how to decorate the interior with original elements and add to it the luxury and a style, the Chinese Ornament Machine Embroidery Design will be the right choice. First, Chinese culture is very popular now and is the part of our modern life. Secondly, Chinese machine embroidery […]

Three traditional Polish floral machine embroidery designs

Have you already seen our new Eastern European Designs for Embroidery Machines? They are all bright and original, colorful and unique. Therefore, you can use it to stylize the interior, or create unforgettable items of the wardrobe. It all depends on your imagination and twist of the wrist. Three traditional Polish floral machine embroidery designs […]

Scalloped Grape Border Embroidery Design

Often, when we do something with our own hands, for example, an embroidered tablecloth, a table napkin or a towel, we think about how to design the edge of the product beautifully. With this purpose, we created our Scalloped Grape Border Embroidery Design. It is simple and concise, and suitable for a variety of styles […]

Machine Embroidery Design Magic Pony – 7 sizes

Sweet like candies and colorful like brightest of rainbows, Machine Embroidery Design Magic Pony welcomes anyone who believes in fairytales in a land where magical ponies live. Adorable, funny, charming and endearingly enchanting – this land has magic pony of every “breed”. Take a journey to this artful destination and enjoy a fairytale like no […]

Foreign transactions

Dear clients. Our site based in Russia, so we have to charge all the amounts in ₽ Russian rubles. For your convenience, prices for designs are set in $USD as an international currency. So it is possible when you see some huge figures in your bill are not in your local currency( USD, EUR, BRL, […]

Forget-me-nots Border Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

The Forget-me-nots Border Machine Embroidery Design is a bright festive pattern. First of all such pattern is relevant for Easter days. During this period the first spring flowers and trees start blossoming. The willow and forget-me-nots are symbolical plant symbols of a sacred holiday. If you start embroidering for Easter in advance, beautiful flowers will […]

Two Hungarian Kalocsai Folk Art Embroidery Designs – 6 sizes

Folklore motives are very popular in the most diverse spheres of our life. Interiors of rooms, restaurants, hotels and even offices often play in bright colors of folklore. Bright colors, overflows and a variety of patterns are also popular in clothes, accessories and even shoes. Direct proof of this is the latest collections of famous […]

Machine Embroidery Design Flower cross with bow

The Machine Embroidery Design Flower cross with bow is created to make this special event of christening perfectly beautiful. Tender pearly pink and gold of the pattern make the white outfit beam. The ceremony will make the most glorious impressions on the hearts of those present and in the family albums. When it comes to […]

Golden border Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Most interior designers and decorators agree that amenities are what make regular bathrooms into gorgeous little heavens of relaxation. With right accessories even the smallest of bathroom can be turned into chic little home-run spas. With towels and robes being true royalties among bathroom accessories, it’s no wonder why those who have the best ones […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas Piggy – 4 sizes

Despite the fact that Chinese Zodiac was not as popular as it is now, it has become firmly rooted in our lives. Moreover, if earlier, we only knew that every coming New Year has its own symbol, now we are trying to appease it. In this regard, we carefully think over all the details, preparing […]

Janome Embroidery Machines – Review

“Janome embroidery machine is the sales leader among embroidery machines available on the market. All models are of high quality, with additional functions for embroidery and are able to work even in cold and hot weather. ” This is what the official distributor of Japanese embroidery machines approves. But do Janome embroidery machines really have […]

Baby Elephant Applique Machine Embroidery Design

This design is made in the appliqué technique. Despite the fact that this technique came to machine embroidery relatively recently, its popularity and scale are becoming bigger every day. The appliqué technique in embroidery is the direction where many details are superimposed on the base fabric. Thus, the machine embroider the desired image or figure. […]