Chinese ornament Embroidery Design

Chinese ornament Machine Embroidery Design

Did you know that Chinese embroidery is a whole art? It has existed for centuries, and people pass it from generation to generation. In China, there are four schools of embroidery. Each of them accepts students, conducts lessons and seminars, representing, and thereby developing, the world-famous traditional silk on silk embroidery.

Chinese ornament Embroidery Design


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It is interesting in the technique that the thread for embroidery is treated with a special broth of Gleditschia. It allows you to remove crispness, and the embroidery looks smooth and shiny.

Today we want to bring you a little closer to Chinese culture and introduce a new design in our Chinese embroidery machine patterns collection.

Chinese ornament embroidery design combines grandeur and originality, luxury and wealth. It can decorate any item.

Magnificently the Chinese ornament embroidery design from our Chinese embroidery machine patterns will look on the popular subject of modern interior – a wall panel. You can make it from matte suede fabric, on which golden embroidery will just look great.

To make the result successful, it is necessary to take into account the features of embroidery on suede fabric.

~ Before embroidering on suede fabric, we recommend to duplicate the fabric with a not dense non-woven fabric.

~ For marking, it is better to use tailor soap, since traces of chalk or air-erase pen are removed difficult from suede fabric.

~ Use a special needle for suede and leather.

~ Reduce the embroidery speed.

~ We recommend the using of a tear-away adhesive as a stabilizer. It will help securely fix the fabric, which will improve the quality of the embroidery.

Useful advice from Royal Present

Almost every embroiderer faced with such an unpleasant situation, when the machine at the beginning works perfectly and, suddenly, begins to embroider in another place.

This is due to the displacement of the center of the embroidery. The machine simply loses it.

Why did the center shift? What to do in this case? How to prevent this in the future?

If you managed to stop the machine in time, the product may be saved. Wrap the embroidered stitches. Save the design position if this function is present in your machine. Restart your embroider machine, download the design again and continue to embroider from where you need it. If you do not stop the machine, then the product is spoiled.

Now consider the reasons for this “halting”. The embroidery center can be displaced for several reasons:

~ Imagine that you are running out of a bobbin thread, and you need to stop the machine to change the bobbin. At this point, you can accidentally press the hoop, and do not notice it.

~ If there are children or animals in your family – your embroidery machine is in the risk zone. Any of the household members can touch the hoop during embroidery.

~ The voltage swings are the most common reason of center losing during embroidery. You may not even notice it. To avoid voltage swings for your embroidery machine, we strongly recommend purchasing UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This is an uninterruptible power supply. Moreover, if in your home, there is a voltage jump, your machine will not notice it, and the embroidery will not be spoiled. You can buy UPS in almost all electronics stores.

We are confident that you will use Chinese ornament embroidery design from our Chinese embroidery machine patterns in the decor of your house and it will become its bright adornment. Successful embroidery to you!

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