Machine Embroidery Design Cross with crown and ornate boarder

In order to penetrate the magic, strength and power of this design, let us first analyze its components. The image of the cross in Christianity had two meanings. The first is a symbol of veneration in the majority of peoples, and the second is a tool of the shameful execution of the lowest people. The […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christian Cross – 2 sizes

Each of us knows the sign of the cross, although not everyone understands that this is really a strong sacred and significant symbol. Although some also identify the cross directly with the Christian religion, such a symbol existed long before the birth of Christianity. Since the Neolithic times there is a sign of the cross, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Ornate tooth – 3 sizes

We offer the original machine embroidery design OrnateTooth – 3 sizes. It will become a real finding for those who love non-standard decisions: 1. For the loving parents who want to keep the lost teeth of their children for memory, 2. The embroidery will interest friends, colleagues of dentists who would like to give their […]

Machine Embroidery Design Endless blue flowers

They say life is not a bed or roses… Well in your dreams you can make it feel like it. But to make your dreams work first you need a proper bedroom, right? When, however, all you’ve got is a small room in a rental, there’s really not much to work with, is it? Not […]

Pink Peonies Two Machine Embroidery Designs

Peonies! Delicate, luxurious and majestic buds, from which it is simply not possible to tear the look off. It seems that you can contemplate them forever and enjoy their splendor. Do you like these flowers? They inspired us to create a whole collection of embroidery designs for sale with delicate buds. Did you know that […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gold branch grapes

Many decorative elements originate from nature and ancient cultures. These are two inseparable things that have always been considered in unity. Our ancestors endowed natural phenomena and gifts with special symbolism. Based on their beliefs and, of course, the overall appearance, these elements also penetrate our interior. For example, the original ornament of the grape, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Easter Chicken

A scene, that machine embroidery design VINTAGE EASTER CHICKEN shows, is very captivating and causes the most positive emotions. The picture is digitized from an old Easter card, so you could use it for decorating various textiles. An adorable chick with a bouquet of pale blue flowers embroidered on white tablecloths will delight you and […]

Machine Embroidery Design Classic style

We have already decorated the bedclothes with embroidery patterns for a long time. This tradition has come to us since the Renaissance. At that time, people began to use bed linens in their daily life. By the way, the first bedclothes should have been decorated with embroidery. The motive was plenty: from simple ornate patterns […]

Gold with a blue Corner Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

We present to your attention Gold with a blue Corner Machine Embroidery Design. It is one of a series of similar embroideries which you can choose on our website in Classic Collection. All of them have the same patterns and will surely support the uniform style of your interior. Thus, you will be able to […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Easter chicks

For Christians Easter is the most important religious event of the year. Also a favorite holiday of children and adults. After the solemn Church service, families gather at the dinner table with family and friends to celebrate the day when people received the blessed news of the Savior’s return to the living. VINTAGE EASTER CHICKS […]

Beautiful Red Rose Machine Embroidery Design

Do you like original, unusual and unique clothes, which will be created only for you and in one copy? Do you think that it will cost you a lot of money? If we tell you that to create an original thing, there is no need to pay a lot? You should only decorate the clothes […]

Large Red Rose Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

In the world of modern fashion, the using of embroidery in clothes has become very popular. Now it is not a symbol of luxury, but the necessity to stand out and create your own style. Embroidered clothes do not going out of fashion and constantly appear in new collections of famous designers and couturiers. As […]

Vintage Easter chicks Machine Embroidery Design

VINTAGE EASTER CHICKS is one of those designs, which can melt even the most unfeeling hearts. Looking at cute, just hatched chickens, you involuntarily begin to smile and recall your own childhood. It seems that the whole world is filled with fragrant flowers and fluttering butterflies, welcoming the little ones and promising them a happy […]

Free Embroidery Design Floral Blank Monogram

In the world, overwhelmed by fifty shades of the gray simplicity, color is what adds flavor to things. Don’t settle for monochromatic black-n-white stripes that life gives to you, color the world with rainbow of your dreams! Take passion of red from your heart and pour it into the flowers of summer. Clean azure of […]

9 Estonian Floral Machine Embroidery Designs

We smile, feeling like we were kissed by the sun, when we hear the phrase “summer in a plate”, right? The sight of most mouthwatering and sensationally colorful array of aromatic and juicy fruits just can’t cause any other respond. Some chefs manage to work into this marvel flowers, which besides looking and smelling good, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Easter egg – 2 sizes

Rejuvenating springtide holidays are usually connected with holy celebration of Easter marvel. During that fresh joyous period people seek light crispness of spring mellowness in the character of their home decoration, which, however would still be exquisite and ample. Machine embroidery design Vintage Easter egg combines every trait listed above, providing extra refinement to textile […]

Machine Embroidery Design Easter egg with floral ornament

Flowers, baskets, chocolates, eggs, jelly beans, peeps… When grocery lists start to sport such interesting entries it could only mean one thing – Easter is finally coming! If you’re worrying that your list’s incomplete, just check if you’ve added Machine Embroidery Design Easter Egg with Floral Ornament. No Easter will be complete without this springtime […]

Machine Embroidery Design Tropical bird – 2 sizes

The magnificent colourful Machine Embroidery Design Tropical bird from our collection of machine embroidery bird patterns will add bright colors and festiveness to any interior. It is ideal for decorating summer yards and arbors. You can also decorate the interior of summer cafes and restaurants with it. Embroidered pillows with this exotic bird will be […]

Machine Embroidery Design Lace Easter egg with lilac and snowdrops

The Easter egg is a mandatory attribute for Easter, which is not only ritual food, but a ritual symbol. The Easter egg is considered a symbol of Sunday and is often depicted in various compositions dedicated to Easter. It will not be superfluous to add to the Easter egg and twigs of lilac. This flower […]

Tropical bird Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Embroidered pillows with such original Tropical Bird machine embroidery design will surprise your guests. With its using, you can show your excellent taste and feeling of style. Ideally, this colorful and bright design will look on flax cloth. Such a simple, unpretentious and natural background does not obscure, but, on the contrary, will allow emphasizing […]

Machine Embroidery Design Floral border with lilac flowers – 3 sizes

The Machine Embroidery Design Floral border with lilac flowers is very universal. It can be placed vertically and horizontally. Some fragments of different sizes can be “packed” into a separate design, and you get the field of bright cornflowers. Bright violet or blue flowers will perfectly look on dark and light fabrics. Depending on what […]

Christmas Festive Machine Embroidery Designs

Flying snowflakes, frosty evenings, garlands on houses and trees – how not to fall in love with such an atmosphere. Perhaps, Christmas is one of the gentlest holidays. It connects people from different cities and countries this evening. Preparing for Christmas, we want everything to be perfect. That’s why Royal Present wants to offer its […]

Machine Embroidery Design ART DECO element

An imposing mansion was used to luxurious display of many jewelry incrusted faces, which admired with awe and envy its settings. Exuberance and indulgence permeated everything: silk-adorned French windows looking at sparkling fountains outside, velvety couches, embellished with decorative pillows of extravagant embroidery, which lounged in elaborate halls, – everything emanated affinity. Golden trappings of […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Dark Mouse – 3 sizes

The Free Machine Embroidery Design Dark Mouse is carried out on kids’ clothes and things. Such mouse-fighter will please the boys who are fond of animated adventure films about this character. It will be relevant also for those children whom it is difficult to make put on their proper clothes. The things with their favourite […]

Machine Embroidery Design Polish Folk Roses – 2 sizes

The symbol of the Slavs is the coded image of something, for which a certain program is going. In each program, the energy is hidden. Embodied on clothes, it gives certain vibrations, which should emphasize or enhance the personal internals. True ethno style successfully passes through time and does not lose its relevance. His motives […]

Machine Embroidery Design Luxury Monogram Blank – 2 sizes

The Machine Embroidery Design Luxury Monogram Blank is bright and attractive. The frame for a monogram in this style will be a remarkable stamp on home or branded textiles. This monogram frame embroidery design is especially interesting for hotels, restaurants, enterprises where textiles are used. Towels, napkins and tablecloths with a brand embroidered logo will […]

Machine Embroidery Design Luxury classic – 2 sizes

Did you know that embroidery is not just the crafts of the housewives and their hobby, but also a real art? This skill conquers people all over the world in a variety of ways. In history, many facts are known, when embroidery or some embroidered elements became a real treasure for noble and noble persons. […]