Machine Embroidery Design Classic style

We have already decorated the bedclothes with embroidery patterns for a long time. This tradition has come to us since the Renaissance. At that time, people began to use bed linens in their daily life. By the way, the first bedclothes should have been decorated with embroidery. The motive was plenty: from simple ornate patterns to complex figures and whole pictures. Naturally, only aristocracy had such a bed linen with luxurious embroidery.

Fortunately, times have changed and now each of us can please ourselves with rest on a soft, pleasant to the touch and simply beautiful bedclothes. Each modern housewife wants to buy such bedclothes, that will be not only elegance and luxurious, but also ideally suited to the bedroom interior.

Embroidered bed linen perfectly fits to any style of interior. It is enough just to find the right color of the fabric and choose suitable embroidery patterns for bed sheet.

A classic curb for the underwear design of machine embroidery will be able to decorate any bedding. Its endless coils will give your linen an unusual originality and magnificent splendor.

Machine Embroidery Design Classic style

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Denote the main locations of this ornament:

~ Framing duvet covers and pillowcases. Especially great, it will look on bed linen from jacquard fabric, in which the main textile pattern is created by a special way of thread weaving.
~ The vertical layout of the design on the left or right edge of the duvet cover and on the left or right edge of the pillowcase.
~ Horizontal arrangement of the design from above, below or in the center of the duvet cover, pillowcases and / or sheets.

Most often, embroidery is applied to bed linen from jacquard, satin, silk or cotton. Nevertheless, today we will tell you how to embroider this unique design on the percale fabric.

Percale fabric has not lost its popularity for decades. It still impresses with its beauty and durability. Homeland of percale is India. Indian ancient masters invented a special technology of weaving the yarn, which made it possible to create this unusual and marvelous fabric.

Now percale is made with the using of special technologies, namely by special twisting of long non-twisted fibers. Due to this, the fabric will be very dense, smooth and pleasant to the touch.

The main characteristics of tissue percale include:

~ Wear resistance
~ Easily leaking the air
~ Environmentally friendly
~ Uncomplicated (does not require special tools and special care)

Tip: When choosing a percale cloth, pay attention to the presence of lumens on it. Remember that on a quality percale they should not be.

We have examined the characteristics of percale and the characteristics of the fabric; let us move on to the embroidery process of embroidery patterns for bed sheet.

Therefore, in order to embroider Machine embroidery design Classic style on bed linen made of percale is necessary:

~ Fabric percale or ready-made bedclothes from this fabric
~ Self-adhesive cut-away medium-weight stabilizer or self-adhesive tear-away stabilizer
~ Machine embroidery design Classic style

As you can see, this embroidery process has not a lot of components. It will be simple if you follow our instructions.

Stages of embroidery on percale fabric

1. Think about where you would like to place embroidery. The result and the look of the entire bedclothes depends on this.

2. Choose the correct type of stabilizer. It is no secret that percale has its own variety, however, like any other fabric. For dense percale, it is better to use a self-adhesive cut-away stabilizer. This will protect your embroidery. For light translucent percale, use self-adhesive tear-away, as the cut-away stabilizer can be visible through the fabric. This is not surprising, because the fabric is light and gentle.

3. Hoop the fabric with the stabilizer and roll the rest of the fabric so that it does not fall under the needle.

4. Embroider the Machine embroidery design Classic style. Take in this case the needle 11 or 75/11.

5. Unhoop the fabric and remove the excess stabilizer.

6. Iron the bedclothes so that it has a full, attractive look.

As you can see, embroidery on percale is not as complicated as it might first seem. Such a false opinion about the complexity of embroidery on percale is most likely because this fabric is light and thin. In addition, as a rule, it is not easy to embroider on such fabrics. However, everywhere there are exceptions.

Such an original set of bed linen can be an excellent gift for women. Luxurious embroidery with its unconstrained straight lines will delight even the most demanding housewives.

See some other embroidery patterns for bed sheet in our collection.

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