Gold with a blue Corner Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Gold with a blue Corner Machine Embroidery Design

We present to your attention Gold with a blue Corner Machine Embroidery Design. It is one of a series of similar embroideries which you can choose on our website in Classic Collection. All of them have the same patterns and will surely support the uniform style of your interior. Thus, you will be able to find necessary sizes and forms for various objects of house textiles.

Gold with a blue Corner Machine Embroidery Design will require two colors of thread. Naturally, one of them has to be as close as possible to gold shades. In a sample we used Madeira Classic No. 1068 thread. For the second color in the design take into consideration the colour of the basis for the embroidery.

Of course, the combination of gold and blue is classical. It brings luxury and quiet solemnity in an interior. Gold radiates warmth, but at the same time, declares power and dominates over all other colours. Blue, as shown in our design, elegantly emphasizes the power and the beauty of gold. Napkins and a tablecloth with such noble colours will look elegant and rich. Pillows, covers and other things will have an expensive and, at the same time, calm impression. Such colour and form suit people who love beautiful, expensive, but tasty things. They have refined taste, sense of proportion, ability to combine colors and to be elegant.

Gold with a blue Corner Machine Embroidery Design


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Secondly, the curls of the embroidery design for napkins strictly support classical traditions of fine decoration. One can trace east vegetable patterns and elements of baroque in them. The Corner Machine Embroidery Design looks almost convex, reminding carved jewelry. It gives grace and a magnificent appearance to the ordinary things. The child’s bed, for example, will become a really royal bed if you execute this kind of embroidery.

In the same way the embroidery designs for napkin corners look on clothes. The small sizes will suit classical and dressy apparels. It is possible to nicely decorate floors or pockets of jackets and dresses. Gold with a blue will be perfect on bags and scarves. Having such design in a stock, the needlewoman surely will use it in a full scale. Moreover, changing colours, you can apply magnificent Gold with a blue Corner Machine Embroidery Design -3 sizes infinitely. It will become absolutely different if you pick up your own favourite colours to fill in the design.

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