Pink Peonies Two Machine Embroidery Designs

Peonies! Delicate, luxurious and majestic buds, from which it is simply not possible to tear the look off. It seems that you can contemplate them forever and enjoy their splendor. Do you like these flowers? They inspired us to create a whole collection of embroidery designs for sale with delicate buds.

Did you know that the peony was a magical plant, an amulet for the ancient Greeks? People believed that it possesses mighty power, and is able to drive away evil spirits. That is why even the smallest wore the beads made from the roots of peonies.

Peony is considered to be a handsome flower among others, and not inferior to its beauty even the queen-rose. The flower of the peony is very effective and beautiful.

Embroidered peonies are no less popular. That is why we present to you Pink Peonies Two Machine Embroidery Designs from our embroidery designs for sale. It will simply shake each of you, because in truth they are tender and romantic.

Pink Peonies Two Machine Embroidery Designs


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As you have already noticed, this is a set of two patterns. The first is a single small bud, and the second is a branch of blossoming peonies. This combination will create unique elements of the wardrobe and decor of various sizes.

Very beautiful Pink Peonies Two Machine Embroidery Designs will look on festive tablecloths and napkins. For example, you can embroider a branch on the corners of a tablecloth, and a bud on a napkin, or vice versa. It all depends on your preferences.

At first glance, it may seem that embroidering on the corners is a difficult and impossible task. In fact, this is not so.

Today we want to tell you how to embroider on the corner of a ready-made napkin. We are confident that for you this information will be useful and interesting.

First, you need to use a printed design template. You already know from previous posts that you do not need to create it in the program for machine embroidery. We have already done it for you. In addition, you can find the ready template in the information file.

Attach it to the corner of the napkin, and transfer the marks with an air-erase pen if you have white fabric. If the base fabric is colored, you can use a sewing soap or chalk.

Note: If you decide to change the position of the embroidery, and deploy it, pay attention to the fact that it should be done in the design for your machine. You can do it using the design editing function or a special program. If you just expand the printed pattern, the embroidery will not be of high quality.

In addition, in this case, the stabilization and hooping method will also differ. Moreover, you will need to put the cloth on the stabilizer with an acute angle upwards (a diamond figure should be obtained).

We recommend embroidering one of these beautiful peonies in the second way.

After you have hoop the fabric together with the stabilizer, (it is better to use a tear-away one), set the embroidery frame in the machine.

It is preferable to use the lower thread in the same color as the upper thread, since the embroidery will be visible from the front and from the wrong side.

Then everything is simple. After embroidery unhoop the fabric and remove the stabilizer.

Thus, you can create a unique set of table napkins that will please all your guests.

Alternatively, you can change the color of the bud. For example, we offer for the big peony to use such shades on the palette Madeira Polyneon as 1948 Pink Carnation, 1986 Ripe Raspberry, 1803 Cream White and 1788 Dark Magenta. At the end, you get a gentle pink flower. Moreover, you can use shades, for example, 1561 Cornmeal, 1980 Sunflower, 1803 Cream White and 1923 Apricot. This way you will get a sunny yellow peony. Similarly, you can change the color of the second design.

Pink Peonies Two Machine Embroidery Designs from embroidery designs for sale are simply created so that you decorate them with your house, give bring a touch of tenderness and romance to the interior.

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