Estonian Floral Machine Embroidery Designs

We smile, feeling like we were kissed by the sun, when we hear the phrase “summer in a plate”, right? The sight of most mouthwatering and sensationally colorful array of aromatic and juicy fruits just can’t cause any other respond. Some chefs manage to work into this marvel flowers, which besides looking and smelling good, apparently taste the part too. What would you say if you had summer not only on a plate, but in your wardrobe as well?

And with all the emotional uplift and magical charm, that sweet sunny season brings us on its every visit too? We thought so! That is why we prepared for you pure summery magic, wrapped in 9 Estonian Floral Machine Embroidery Designs. Flowers, berries and ears of wheat – this set of designs has everything for making June, July and August last forever!

An artistic take on sumptuous golden sunflowers, luscious red roses, and cheerful azure cornflowers will impress any embroidery enthusiast. Add to it daisies, forget-me-nots and strawberries motives, instilling a bit of original, natural vibes into the glorious summertime spree and you’ll get most versatile of all floral sets. Dainty charming and with right dose of whimsical vintage, 9 Estonian.

Estonian Floral Machine Embroidery Designs


Floral Machine Embroidery Designs will make your fantasy bloom. Which flower to pick, how to intertwine it into the general of the décor is solely up to you. For those who are not afraid to make statement total look will seal the deal with these Estonian flowers. For a more subtle choice, opt for delicate floral embroidery accents on fronts, sleeves or other “eclectic” spots. Embroider in symmetry or array of free floral will – there is no limit to how you want to employ this design on textiles.

Say yes to floral accents on your outfit, hair and accessories to make this summer shine brighter than ever! With design like this you can easily dress up or down any item in your wardrobe. Going to a party? A bohemian floating kimono decorated with an array of field flowers will make a stunning impression on everybody around you. Work the flower power into any of you office outfits, be it a trouser duo or a neutral blouse.

Celebrate feminine side of your character with smart or even casual dresses, embroidered with Estonian floral designs. This year fashion blooms in charming florals, so why not to indulge yourself in its aromatic charm? Fresh air from this year catwalks brings mix-and-match fusions of all prints imaginable. A polka dot dress or top with floral embroidery blooming here and there looks hot and on-trend. Dare to don such dapper look and you’ll never go back to boring monochromatic outfits ever again!

Exquisite Floral Machine Embroidery Designs: Transform textiles with elegant, detailed flower patterns, perfect for all your crafting projects

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