Machine Embroidery Design Easter egg with floral ornament

Flowers, baskets, chocolates, eggs, jelly beans, peeps… When grocery lists start to sport such interesting entries it could only mean one thing – Easter is finally coming! If you’re worrying that your list’s incomplete, just check if you’ve added Machine Embroidery Design Easter Egg with Floral Ornament. No Easter will be complete without this springtime inspired decorative gem. Brimming with vibrant colors and intricate open-work stylizations, it’s more than just another pretty flourish to your festivities. Boasting all the glorious treasures of the colorful season and oh-so-very angelic charm, this embroidery pattern will be an indispensible addition to your Easter embroidery collection. Honor the true meaning of Easter with joyous exuberance of springtime flowers of this Easter egg pattern.

It’s true fully-fledge Easter decorations are yet to pop up but it gives you time to prepare properly. Welcome beginning of spring and Easter in style putting a delightful twist to traditional highlights of both. Exquisite, ethereal and whimsically vernal, embroidery motif Easter eggs with floral ornament is a paragon of springtime magic. Undeniably beautiful, this pattern is also permeated with true spirit of the holiday – a rare but thus even more welcome combination.

Whether it’s for interior decoration, adornment of household textiles or crafting of holiday gift, Easter egg with floral ornament can be of use in any of the cases. If your Easter centerpieces cry for some vibrant but elegant extra, enhance their festive look with Easter egg accents. Go with fabrics of the fitting-for-every-occasion white for the embroidery to stand out.

Machine Embroidery Design Easter egg with floral ornament


Size: 66.0×90.0 mm (2.60×3.54 “), Stitches: 9210
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat, .vp3, art, xxx

Decorate table napkins with machine embroidery design Easter egg with floral ornament and enjoy most elegant festive feast. Blending perfectly with any decorative mode, be it traditional or modern, this exquisite pattern will surely highlight your styling skills. Thinking of enriching the ambience of your kitchen with upbeat vibes of the springtime holiday? Shelves, window treatments, table runners – Easter egg with floral ornament will uplift the feel of any kitchen!

Easter is a holiday of giving. If you’re searching for lovely present ideas for your dear ones, this pattern can help you create wonderful things. An apron, embroidered with floral details of Easter egg motif will make a hug hit with those who adore cooking. A set of embroidered napkins, a bit more inclusive variant of Easter present idea, will bring joy to anyone.

Refreshing, vibrant, cordial and sweet – Easter takes special place in hearts of many. And not only in hearts! Exteriors and interiors of our homes, our gardens and everything in between… We gladly let Easter infuse its wonderful charm not only into our souls but every inch of our abodes too. With Easter embroidery collections of Royal Present Embroidery you will be able to make the most of this marvelous day. Elegant tablescapes, Easter baskets fillings, gifts and other holiday bits – all these and more can be created with the help of our embroidery patterns. Browse them for inspirational ideas and enjoy most sensational Easter of your lives!

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Date: 12.03.2016