Machine Embroidery Design Lace Easter egg with lilac and snowdrops
The Easter egg is a mandatory attribute for Easter, which is not only ritual food, but a ritual symbol. The Easter egg is considered a symbol of Sunday and is often depicted in various compositions dedicated to Easter.

It will not be superfluous to add to the Easter egg and twigs of lilac. This flower is a symbol of charity, compassion and love, that is, it is endowed with those qualities that should prevail in people.
If to believe one of the Scandinavian legends, the lilac appeared on the earth as a gift to people from the goddess of Spring. If to follow the historical information, then the lilac came to Europe from Persia in the XVI century and since then has been very zealously spread throughout the continent. It happened because of the unpretentiousness of this plant and, of course, its beauty. It is also noteworthy that in all countries of Europe the lilac has acquired the same value, which was mentioned earlier.

Machine Embroidery Design Easter egg Blank Monogram with lilac and snowdrops


Size: 117.0×121.4 mm (4.61×4.78 “), Stitches: 20914
Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat, vp3. xxx

In Germany, there was a belief that if a person finds a bush of lilac, it will certainly bring him success in love affairs. In order not to lose their happiness, the girls ate a flower or simply dried it.
It is safe to say that the lilac flower is as light and pure symbol as the Easter egg. Together they create an extraordinary tandem, strong in term of aesthetic.

All this confirms the appropriateness of using the Machine embroidery design Lace Easter Egg with lilac and snowdrops for inscriptions in the decor of towels that will decorate your festive basket.
The composition is executed in such a way that in the middle of the egg the abbreviation of Easter can ideally be placed. This Easter greeting is an indispensable element in such a sacred holiday.
In addition to towels, Machine embroidery design Lace Easter Egg with lilac and snowdrops can serve you for the transformation of any household items. You can easily create a real festive atmosphere for a meal, if you add this embroidery to napkins or even tablecloths.

If you want to congratulate a loved one on Easter in a special way and think of giving him a present, the ideal option is a pillow with such embroidery.
The design looks very attractive and interesting, while it has a large symbolic meaning, which only gives it value. Embroidery with a paschal egg and lilac will certainly help you create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the house. In addition, it will bring you the purest emotions and feelings, such as mercy, compassion and love.

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