Machine Embroidery Designs Tulips

Machine Embroidery Designs Tulips


Hoop size 200 x 200 mm – ≈7.9 x 7.9 inches


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Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .sew, .exp, .dat

What are all fairy tales made of? Is it the golden sand of the dunes, which surrounded palaces of the ancient maharajas that make the essence of yarn? May be they are made of sparkles of precious stones and jewelry, worn by magnificent beauties, dwelling in those ancient palaces? Or else, they could be made of enchanting aroma of most exquisite flower of all, carefully nurtured and revered by one of the most opulent empires of time that passed. The tulip was the king, ruler, enchanter and the emblem of the Ottoman Empire. Its fairy tale, its legends and myths have outlived the bygone kingdom, still making ravishing appearances in replicas of Roxelana’s jewelry, decorative masterpieces of minarets and of course at the most prominent veneration of tulip blossoms, held every April in the palace of the Topkapi Palace, Istanbul.

Everyone, who has been lucky enough to marvel at the breathtaking sight of sea of tulips annually blossoming in Istanbul, will never forget enchanting whisper of the flowers, talking about a thousand and one night magic, sultans’ treasures and never fading romance of oriental dreams. Delve into the wonderful floral fairy tale with Machine Embroidery Designs Tulips.

A true conquer of the world, the tulip traveled from all across Asia into the center of Europe, embracing the beauty of every nation it enthralled. The Ottoman Empire, Holland and so many others crowned the tulip to be among floral royalties of the world. Ennoble the interior of your home with these regal designs, gracefully embracing charm of so many cultures.

Elegant and comely, beauty of the flowers doesn’t need meretricious elaboration to shine to its full glory. A few bouquets of exquisite tulips on a table-cover, accompanied by napkins with matching floral motive blossoming here and there, will fill your dining room with aristocratic presence. Stark white or gentle ivory background, chosen for the designs, will add a subtle but tangible difference. For formal, more ceremonial occasions do go with the tulips on white, for the luscious gradation of their colors (gentle rose and vibrant wine tones of the flowers and almost transparent chartreuse with deep, intense olive hues of the fronds and leaves) will make a stunning contrast to the crystal clear background. For more casual, cozy cases, for example for kitchen decorative enhancement, pick creamier, more delicious colors to match the “tasty”, more cordial ambience of the room.

On accent pillows of your living room or bedding set of your bedroom, Machine Embroidery Designs Tulips will make a gorgeous addition to the interior of your home.