Machine Embroidery Design White lace

If ever romantic dreams were to take form of something tangible it could only be one thing – lace. Nothing says romance better than ethereal froth of needle-and-thread whimsy, flourishing on a piece of light material or textile. That is why when women want to feel extra beautiful, feminine and delicate they chose lace. Anything from first date outfit to wedding day apparel could ultimately be based on lace. They say that apparently men are completely powerless against this fragile “armor” of ours. So, for all ladies out there who want to up their romance game, Machine Embroidery Lace Design might be what you are looking for.

Elegant, mellow and delightfully charming, this lace embroidery design will make wonderful adornment for light airy summer dresses. Even the simplest of fabrics, when embroidered with this lace design will acquire a more sophisticated look. Arrange it as a border throughout the edge of the skirt for a lovely eyelet effect. Not overly opulent but elegant to a T, a dress with such charming decoration will make you look your perfect self! A dress with such embellishment will be perfect both for formal occasions and cozy beach parties.

Machine Embroidery lace design


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Speaking of formal occasions, besides clothes, machine embroidery lace design can be of use on other textiles too. If you need to get your wedding related textiles in order, it is exactly what you need. Associated from olden times with luxury, lace has kept this select flair in our days too. And on such special occasions as weddings or baptisms some extra luxury is always a welcome touch. For this, use lace embroidery design for various traditional bedding textiles or even napery sets for receptions. Attribute adorned with such style stay in the family as heirloom pieces, as memories of happiest days of your life.

Those who are in love with everything vintage will find no better decorative ornament to suit their taste. Machine Embroidery Lace Design has it all. There’s floral charm of traditional Richelieu pattern infused with hints of motives favored during Victorian era. Decorative poem of this lovely design will travel you to English cottage, surrounded by bushes of wild flowers and raspberries. Once taken by charm of this scene you’ll never want to leave. And why would you? Fill your home with delight of this blooming lace design and stay in ethereal paradise forever! With three sizes of this design available you can create extensive sets of textiles for each room of your house. Everything from small napkins to king-sized coverlets can be embroidered with this lace design. Live your own romantic fairytale or share it with your friends. They will love to get a gift of lace magic too!

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