Terrible Halloween Cupcake Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Terrible Halloween Cupcake Machine embroidery design can be also used to decorate garments with holiday patches. To make such a cool stripe you need: – Fabric for patches. If you do not have it, you can use regular felt. It is better to take a black fabric. – Tear-away or cut-away stabilizer – Temporary spay […]

Halloween cupcake machine embroidery designs

Our new collection of children machine embroidery designs has a new cute characters.  You can use Halloween cupcake machine embroidery designs not only for a usual decoration of home textile. You can create patches and attach it on the children`s T-shirts for Treat-or-Threat time. If you sew this patches onto the ribbon, you will make […]

Halloween Skull in Web Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The celebration of Halloween involves us in an interesting world of incredible events, traditions and fun entertainments. It brings with it some special carelessness, gives a sense of celebration. In anticipation of Halloween, we come up with a suit, prepare interesting dishes, we are looking for elements for the original decor. And try to combine […]

Halloween Hanging Decorations Machine Embroidery Design

All Saints Day, better known as Halloween has won the hearts of many. Its popularity is growing every year. There are more and more fans of this celebration around the world. For example, there are interesting and unusual “quest rooms”. Their main task is to dip a person into an atmosphere of fear, to believe […]

Happy Halloween Web Machine Embroidery Design – 6 sizes

We all involuntarily look forward to the coming of the most sinister holiday in the year. Scary pumpkins, candles, children dressed in monsters and a sea of ​​fun – all these brings to us the celebration of Halloween. For lovers of original interior design, accessories and clothing, we have created the Happy Halloween Web machine […]

Happy Thanksgiving Machine Embroidery Designs Pack – 7 in 1

Happy Thanksgiving Machine embroidery designs pack will bring bright colors into a rainy and drowsy autumn. Add extra pretentiousness and grandeur to kitchen and dining items. Looking at this composition, you want to drown in the soft veil of yellow leaves. It represents the elements that the golden-haired autumn pulls out of its basket. Pot-bellied […]

Halloween machine embroidery designs – LookBook

The traditions and beliefs of the wise Celtic people, rituals of the Catholic faith, as well as a lot of ​​positive, fun and joy – all these the modern celebration of Halloween combines. The holiday of Halloween, or as it is called the All Saints’ Day, has not only deep roots, but also an interesting […]

Trick or Treat Halloween Ghost Applique Machine Embroidery Design

For those who want mix scary, tasty and fun, there’s Trick or Treat Halloween Ghost Applique Machine Embroidery Design.  This spook-takular pattern has it all for true Halloween lovers. Get spooky, get merry and enjoy yourself to the most with this Halloween appliqué embroidery. Trick or Treat Halloween Ghost Applique Machine Embroidery Design will help […]

ITH Witch Sleep Mask Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Sleeping mask is a stylish and useful accessory. It protects your sleep and even helps reduce the risk of wrinkles around the eyes. Interestingly, according to researches of scientists, eye masks are most useful during daytime sleep. Since the pupils are exposed to much more light than at night. Today we want to tell you […]

Silhouette Trick or Treat machine embroidery design

The Halloween feast is approaching us again. And very soon pumpkins and spider webs will become our best friends. The celebration of Halloween is time of unrestrained fun, sweets, costumes and pajama parties. Naturally, on this day we not only have fun, but also pay tribute to all the saints. When preparing for the All […]

Silhouette Halloween Machine Embroidery Design – 7 sizes

Lovers of machine embroidery know how difficult it is to pick the right design. Often, we are faced with a variety of problems. They are associated with the density of design. Silhouette Halloween Machine embroidery design is contour, light, and therefore suitable for the most delicate embroidery projects. This embroidery from our Halloween machine embroidery […]

Japanese flag Skull Machine Embroidery Design

Those who are fond of the Japanese culture or sport will surely become interested in this design. The Japanese flag Skull Machine Embroidery Design can be used for: 1. production of separate stripes; 2. embroideries on sportswear; 3. in interiors of the rooms connected with the Japanese culture and sport. Japanese flag Skull Machine Embroidery […]

Halloween Sleep Mask Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Halloween sleep Mask Machine embroidery design will undoubtedly appeal to lovers of pajama parties, as well as to connoisseurs of all the extraordinary and unusual. This sleeping mask in the style of “horror” will definitely surprise all your friends and acquaintances. For some reason, many people think that sleeping masks are an exclusively decorative element, […]

Lace Machine Embroidery Design Halloween – 4 sizes

Lace machine embroidery design Halloween is a beautiful imitation of lace. Such an interesting embroidery should be exactly in your collection. If you are looking for an original version of the interior decoration and garments for the Halloween holiday, it will surely come to your liking. Place such festive and unique embroidery on a variety […]

My First Halloween Machine Embroidery Design for baby girls

For many of us, the Halloween holiday has become special. On this day, we not only pay tribute to all saints, but also try to have fun. Each hostess prepares for Halloween in advance. She carefully selects the menu, decorates interior of the house and creates outfits for children. My first Halloween Machine embroidery design […]

ITH Machine Embroidery Design Sleep Mask Zombie Halloween

Many people now simply cannot fall asleep without a sleeping mask. A couple more dozens of years ago, we considered this a sign of spoiling. Times change and now the mask for sleep is a fashionable and most important useful accessory. ITN Machine embroidery design Sleep Mask Zombie Halloween will transform this accessory. It is […]

Machine Embroidery Design Halloween Black Cat

Have you already created a festive Halloween decor and an original costume? If not, then Machine Embroidery Design Halloween Black Cat will just have to appear in your collection. You already know that our design has its own wonderful feature, a highlight, so to speak. This time, a pretty cat decided to transform to Halloween […]

Halloween Witch Machine Embroidery Design

For several years, the technology of machine embroidery has been extremely popular and every day attracts new fans. This business is not only a good hobby, but also very useful. Decoration thanks to machine embroidery is very versatile, because in this way you can transform almost anything. You can refer to machine embroidery for the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Happy Halloween

Halloween can be considered a holiday of vampires, witches, ghosts and other evil spirits. Until recently, this day was widely celebrated only in the USA, now it is gaining increasing popularity in Europe and gradually covers the CIS countries. For many, this holiday is an opportunity to have a good time having an interesting thematic […]

Cat Halloween Machine Embroidery Design

Today we want to introduce you Cat Halloween Machine embroidery design. Surely you know that Halloween is a holiday of evil spirits. On this day, a certain barrier between worlds supposedly weakens and practically eliminates. So that otherworldly creatures can penetrate and visit ordinary people. Incidentally, it this belief became the beginning of the tradition […]