ITH Witch Sleep Mask Machine Embroidery Design

Sleeping mask is a stylish and useful accessory. It protects your sleep and even helps reduce the risk of wrinkles around the eyes. Interestingly, according to researches of scientists, eye masks are most useful during daytime sleep. Since the pupils are exposed to much more light than at night.

Today we want to tell you how to make a mask for sleep in the style of “horror”. Such a thing will be the great item for Halloween, to you, your friends, and family.

To make a mask for sleep use our new element from the collection of Halloween embroidery designs. ITH Witch Sleep Mask Machine embroidery design conceals in itself all the horror that this colorful and cheerful holiday carries out.

ITH Witch Sleep Mask Machine Embroidery Design


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The mask in the style of “horror” is perfect for a pajama party on Halloween night, and can also be an interesting gift.

ITH Witch Sleep Mask Machine embroidery design made in the popular technique “In the hoop”. This allows you to create such an incredible mask right in the embroidery frame. And this does not require special skills. Minimal sewing skills will be enough.

In The Hoop technique is now very popular. Mats for cups and glasses, Christmas tree toys and children’s toys, accessories, and of course, eye masks are bright representatives of this area of ​​embroidery.

Please note that for the implementation of such embroidery projects, the design must be programmed in a special way. As a rule, we denote this in the description of the Halloween embroidery designs on our website.

We offer ITH Witch Sleep Mask Machine embroidery design in three sizes. This gives you the opportunity to please the whole family with an unusual accessory. A large size for dad, smaller for mom, and the smallest for a child. And if you change the color of the threads, for example, from green to gray, then the mask will turn out to be a completely different character. Mom, leave it a green. For daddy make gray or purple hues, and the orange is for child. It will be fun!

The stages of creating such a unique mask are very simple. Let us consider them in more detail.

So, in the beginning, you need to embroider the design on the fabric, preferably black. As soon as you notice that the machine begins to embroider the last contour – stop it. Put ropes for the string, where they should be. Top with another cloth. This will be the wrong side of your mask. Turn on the machine and finish the embroidery.

After the machine has finished embroidering, cut the mask close to the edge. Turn the product out to sew the hole. The eye mask with the image of the evil witch is ready.

We told you how to make a mask for sleep using ITH Witch Sleep Mask Machine embroidery design. We hope that such an accessory will impress all your friends.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 17.09.2018