Silhouette Halloween Machine Embroidery Design

Lovers of machine embroidery know how difficult it is to pick the right design. Often, we are faced with a variety of problems. They are associated with the density of design. Silhouette Halloween Machine embroidery design is contour, light, and therefore suitable for the most delicate embroidery projects.

This embroidery from our Halloween machine embroidery designs conveys all the mystique and mystery of the Halloween celebration. It can perfectly fit on the corner of a napkin, tablecloth, pillow and even bed linen.

For those who want to bring a Halloween holiday to the wardrobe, and at the same time do not like traditional costumes in the style of Horror, this embroidery will be a godsend. So, you can place a Silhouette Halloween Machine embroidery design on a T-shirt or jacket.

Silhouette Halloween Machine Embroidery Design


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Why this design is simply obliged to replenish your piggy bank on the eve of Halloween? Everything is very simple.

Silhouette Halloween Machine embroidery design has many merits.

~ Lightness and contouring. This, perhaps, is his most important trait. The density of this design is not high. The embroidery can be attributed to the type of “light” designs. As a consequence, it can be embroidered even on thin fabric bases. Embroidering this design, you will forget about problems such as puckering, or excessive density in the embroidery area. The finished composition will seem light, and, at the same time, very detailed.

~ Interesting composition. Halloween machine embroidery designs in a silhouette style is unusual, interesting, and unique in its kind. It allows you to add embroidered elements of special mysterious decorativeness. In this design, the traditional characters of Halloween night have come together to create unusual interior decorations.

~ Universality. Again, the lightness of such embroidery allows you to create a wide variety of embroidery projects. Use for this purpose a variety of fabric bases.

Today, we would like to present you with one of the options for designing this kind of embroidery. Create a festive atmosphere also in the yard, relax zone, gazebo, loggia with Silhouette Halloween Machine embroidery design. We suggest you create a collection of decorative festive outdoor pillows.

For this type of embroidery project, it is very important to choose a right fabric. It should have such characteristics as durability, wear and burning out resistance. Then the embroidered pillow will look faultless even under influence of the sun and a rain.

Where can we find such a wonder-cloth?

We recommend using in this case outdoor fabrics, for example Sunbrella.

Such fabrics have all those characteristics, which we discussed earlier. So it is ideal for creating embroidered decorative outdoor pillows. How to embroider on such fabrics?

So such fabrics are very dense and stable to embroider on them a pleasure. You will not probably need any additional accessories, for example, lower or upper stabilizers. At the same time, if you think that it is needed to stabilize the fabric, you can use tear-away or cut-away. Still, it is preferable to take a cut-away ones. Since the fabric, and the embroidery itself, will be exposed to various atmospheric phenomena.

The fabric must be hooped together with the stabilizer.

Needles can be taken either embroidered or pointed #75 / 11 or #11.

The choice of thread should be taken more seriously. Choose a thread that is resistant to rubbing and burnout. Polyester, viscose or acrylic fit perfectly. But cotton threads are not recommended.

Following these tips, you can easily embroider the Silhouette Halloween Machine embroidery design on the unique decorative outdoor cushions.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 17.09.2018