Lace Machine Embroidery Design Halloween

Lace machine embroidery design Halloween is a beautiful imitation of lace. Such an interesting embroidery should be exactly in your collection. If you are looking for an original version of the interior decoration and garments for the Halloween holiday, it will surely come to your liking.

Place such festive and unique embroidery on a variety of subjects in the house. Table napkins, decorative pillows, wall panels and even lamp shades will sparkle with new colors. You can also change the color of the embroidery, for example, into white. And this lace design will be very similar to the real cobweb.

No less useful will be the Lace machine embroidery design Halloween when creating a festive attire. Such embroidery can be placed on the sleeves of a dress or sweatshirts. Or you can decorate it with a festive costume. Think about where you would use this design. After all, you are the creator of a future unique project.

Very beautiful Lace machine embroidery design Halloween will look on dark fabrics. For example, you can use a dark shirt from suede fabric as a basis for embroidering a gorgeous festive lace.

Features of machine embroidery on suede fabric

Suede fabric does not lose its popularity for a whole century. It is used everywhere: for tailoring clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, and even in the interior.

Suede can be of two types: polyester and cotton. For sewing shirts is used exactly the cotton sude. That is why in this post, we will consider the features of applying machine embroidery on suede fabric with a cotton base.

Lace Machine Embroidery Design Halloween


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This type of fabric is not as soft as polyester suede. It is also less elastic. This greatly simplifies the process of embroidery. When embroidering on elastic fabrics, it is necessary to properly observe the special technology of embroidery and hooping.

1. The first action you have to do is to wash and dry the product from cotton suede. And only then go to the embroidery process. Consider the embroidery technology and prepare all the necessary materials.

2. Positioning embroidery with a printed template will make the task easier. The template can be found in the design information file.

3. Choose the right stabilizer. If you are embroidering on a shirt, use a medium-weight cut-away stabilizer. Since the product will be subjected to constant wearing and frequent washing.

4. Hoop the fabric.

5. Roll the rest of fabric and fix it with clips. Check that it does not prevent moving of the hoops during embroidery.

6. Embroider the design. Then cut off the excess stabilizer.

As you can see, the embroidery on the cotton suede fabric is not as complicated as it seems at first glance.

Lace machine embroidery design Halloween can be used not only for Halloween, but also for everyday life.

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Date: 08.09.2018