Machine Embroidery Designs Teddy Bear Girl

For small princesses and loving mothers, we created our collection of children’s designs. Each of them is colorful in its way and unique. Machine Embroidery Designs Teddy Bear Girl is an unforgettably bright element of this collection.

Lovely fairytale teddy bear in a dress, just become a favorite friend of your baby. Suggest your baby to embroider this design together. Ask where she wants to place her little friend. Or come up with a whole fairy tale, calling a bear somehow a name. Such an exciting activity will surely please your princess.

Machine Embroidery Designs Teddy Bear Girl can decorate any object in your kid’s room. Decorative pillow, embroidered picture, plaid or sides in the crib will become a bright element of the children’s interior.

In addition, Machine Embroidery Designs Teddy Bear Girl will help you in the design of children’s clothing and accessories. Bags and backpacks, t-shirts and sweaters, and even your baby’s bibs will turn into the best models of the designer collection.

Machine Embroidery Designs Teddy Bear Girl


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Very original, such embroidery will look on a quilted handbag for mom and baby. Such an accessory is very useful and roomy. Unfortunately, often we come across the fact that they look simple and uncommon. We want to somehow amuse the bag, add colors, originality. In this case the Machine Embroidery Designs Teddy Bear Girl will come to the rescue.

Rules of embroidery on quilted fabric

To the project was successful remember the basic rules of embroidery on quilted fabric. Very often the situation happens that the embroidery shifts or puckers. Therefore, many embroiderers do not much like to embroider on quilted fabric. Following our advice, such embroidery projects will no longer be problematic for you.

For embroidery designs on quilted fabric is best suited single-layer fabric type. Such a tissue does not have a synthetic lining inside. This greatly simplifies the process.

As a stabilizer, you can use both tear-away and cut-away. The exact choice of the type of stabilizer depends on the design you choose. For example, for this design with a dense cover, it is better to take a medium-weight cut-away stabilizer of medium density. For lighter designs, you can use tear-away stabilizer.

Use a pointed needle â„–75 / 11. It makes smaller punctures on the fabric than a conventional embroidery needle. In this case it is very important. Since large punctures from the needle can be seen even through embroidery.

Use these tips to decorate your little daughter’s things with this cute and gorgeous design.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

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Date: 07.09.2018