Forget-me-nots Corner Machine Embroidery Design

This year Easter’s decided to be an early guest, which means that all the preparations should start earlier too. As Royal Present Embroidery is an ever-ready early bird, we’ve already upgraded our collection of Easter themed embroidery patterns with new gorgeous designs. Easter bunnies to make your smile, adorable ducklings and chicks to shower your […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage design element – 3 sizes

The machine embroidery design Vintage design element will be suitable for refined interiors. The textile embroidery with the element reminding the crown of an antique colon will ideally add the design’s style. Such dressing is relevant for styles: Baroque, Rococo, Classicism, Empire style, and Renaissance. Rooms in these styles, naturally, will demand the corresponding fabrics, […]

Anchor Embroidery Design – 7 sizes

Sea life topic was always popular in decoration of interiors and clothes. The Anchor Embroidery Design serves this purpose perfectly. The small sizes will become suitable for decoration of clothes and accessories. The bigger sizes can be used for interior compositions. Such image can become the beginning of great restoration in the house or office. […]

Machine Embroidery Design My Little Pony – 4 sizes

What’s the best birthday gift for any little girl, except, a party with Tailor Swift singing especially for her and her friends? Right you’re! What most little girls want is a little pony, always present by their side! If it were possible they’d take it with them to school, to ballet classes, cinema, and parks […]

Machine Embroidery Design Be my Valentine

The machine embroidery design Be my Valentine is elegant and original. The embroidered image of the heart with an attractive inscription is carried out by one color of thread. Shades of red, which render passion and feelings most precisely, will be the best option for it, of course. But, if you have another favourite colour, […]

Ornate Crown Machine Embroidery Design – 4 sizes

This marvelous and majestic Ornate Crown Machine Embroidery Design is included to the collection of machine embroidery crowns and combines the simplicity and uniqueness at the same time. Ornate Crown Machine embroidery design is often used for children’s bedding, blankets and pillows, original and unusual decorative elements. But we offer you one of the unconventional […]

Machine Embroidery Design Garden Daisies

Machine Embroidery Design Garden Daisies captivates the sight by the beauty of the bouquet and the concise colors. Skillfully selected coloring creates the feeling that the three large open daisy flowers are shining in the sun. Deep green leaves emphasize the feeling of summer, warmth and blossom. Daisy, as a symbol of purity and innocence, […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Monochrome grape

A free Machine Embroidery Design Monochrome grape is simple, but at the same time laconic and luxurious. It combines tenderness and elegance, romanticism and dreaminess. This monochrome embroidery is perfect for festive elegant tablecloths, simple and not intricate, but at the same time exclusive table napkins, unusual kitchen towels. In addition, this design is perfect […]

Machine Embroidery Design All you need is Love

The machine embroidery design All you need is love appears to be universal in its application. You can embroider it on children’s and adult’s clothes, on accessories and household things. The drawing tells a lot and attracts by its warmth and brightness. In author’s design for embroidery machine we’ve used yellow and violet colors as […]

Aerosol Sprays for machine embroidery

After we’ve received a huge number of positive responses on our post on temporary adhesive sprays in embroidery, we realized that the theme of aerosol sprays is not yet all that familiar to many embroidery artists. That’s why we thought that the time came to make these “ethereal” little helpers known to the wider embroidery […]

Red Work Easter Machine Embroidery Designs

For each of us, the Easter holiday is a long-awaited family celebration. On this day, all members of the family traditionally gather at one table. Each of us is preparing for such a religious holiday with special responsibility. Previously, the main element of the Easter holiday was the Easter basket and festive table, but with […]

Horse Machine Embroidery Design

If you are looking for original embroidery, this unique and unusual design is simply made for you. It will be an ideal decoration for a summer yard summer house or relaxing zone. An interesting variant would be to create a set of pillows and picnic coverlet with this unusual embroidery. This design, like all of […]

Teddy Bear Cross-Stitch Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

Teddy Bear Cross-Stitch Machine Embroidery Design expresses care, tenderness and concern. The image is familiar to everyone and renders the most affectionate feelings in cross stitch patterns. This charming bear cub hugging a cute bunny will make the items delightfully warm and comfortable. The toy was named Teddy’s bear by its creator. Morris Michtom was […]