Gold Crown Machine Embroidery Design

A good baby shower makes the mother-to-be feel that a wonderful fairytale is about to start. A really successful baby shower, however, makes the future mother feel like she’s the queen of the fairytale and her baby is the prince or the princess. If you’re organizing a baby shower with an eye to this exactly effect, Gold Crown Machine Embroidery Design should certainly be part of it. Exquisite, stylish and wonderfully diverse in its application, this crown can be used in so many ways. Whether you’re thinking of adding an elegant dazzle to the decorations or creating baby-shower gifts, this crown is a go-to for both. Best part? As this crown motif boasts of one-color palette, it allows including the gender-reveal part in your baby-shower party! Now that’s the way to truly celebrate!

Gold Crown Machine Embroidery Design

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So what are the ways one can use Gold Crown Machine Embroidery Design for baby-showers?

If royal themed baby shower won you over, then crowns should be everywhere: in the baby registry and beyond! Thanks to the fact that Crown Design is available in three sizes you can be as lavish with it as you want. The party decorations can certainly don some of the regal sparkle! For this embroider crown on napkins, favor bags for appreciation gifts and more. These pieces of embroidery work are pretty simple and  require only threads of appropriate color and medium tear away stabilizers. In cases, when you’ll want to have nice-looking back of the embroidery, wash-away stabilizers should be used for the backing.

Now baby-shower gifts, as they vary both in nature, purpose, size and texture, is a different story. And if you’d like, we can start it with basics.

Baby shower gifts, adorned with crown embroidery design

As long as the usual baby registry goes, baby-shower gifts include pieces of baby clothing and crib bedding sets. Gold Crown Machine Embroidery Design can be used for adornment of all of the mentioned items. The pattern is not heavily textured, which is great for the gentle skin of babies. It’s fairly quick to embroider, which is good if you’re making entire sets at a time. And last but not least, this motif of crown is compatible with other patterns, should you choose to add some. Further we’ll describe various applications of crown design as well as possible “extras” of its combinations.

Royal Crib bedding set

Basics embroidered with crown design

Embroidery is a great way of customization of ready-made baby crib bedding sets for gift giving. Usually such pieces are made of cotton fabrics (broadcloth, flannel, percale etc). So, if you want to create your own little sheets, pillowcases etc. for baby-shower gift sets, opt for fabrics of same quality. These fabrics are easy to embroider on a machine, as they require neither special stabilizing (usually tear-away backing is enough), nor special types of hooping. Exceptions from the general rule could be baby pillowcases, due to their size, and fleece blankets, due to their texture. With our tips, however, you’ll be able to sort the issues in no time.

Embroidery on pillowcases:

~ Due to baby pillowcases’ petite size (approx – 15 x 15”) you might need to open up some of the seams to have an ample space for embroidery. After the embroidery will be over, just run a quick-stitch over the opened seams.

~ Stabilizer of choice: cut-away or tear-away. If the fabric is on the lighter side, tear-away might be a better choice, as it won’t show through.

Best place for the positioning of crown design: upper area of the pillowcase. This position will provide an illusion of the crown floating above the baby head while they sleep. Also such placement will protect gentle baby skin from any inconvenience.

Embroidery on fleece (minky) blankets:

~ Due to their texture, fleece and minky blankets should be embroidered with a topping of light water-soluble film (Solvy).
~ It would be a good idea to protect the fabrics from hoop burns by providing an extra lining (any pieces of fabric will do) between the fabric and the hoop.
~ If the look of the back side of the embroidery is an issue, a water soluble stabilizer (Gunold Solvy Fabric, Madeira Avalon) should be used for backing.
~ Needles – ballpoint, sizes 70/10-75/11.

Placement options: on fleece/minky blankets crown embroidery design can be worked in several ways, with corners being the most common one. Should you choose this way, you can check out tips and tricks for embroidering on corners, described in Forget-me-nots Corner Machine Embroidery Design. Another possibility is to place the crown motif in the center (choose design of larger sizes) with addition of a monogram, a sweet phrase or a favorite Bible verse.

Royal Crib bedding set, luxury edition

Decorative extras, embroidered with crown design

Besides functional pieces, baby crib gift sets, could also include decorative ones: various canopy drapes, decorative pillows, whimsical bumpers. All these extra accessories, when jazzed up by our crown motif, can add luxurious feel to baby-shower gifts for future princess and princesses.

When working on “luxury edition” you will want to choose lush fabrics. The canopy could be made of chiffon, organza or tulle. These fabrics are light airy and when spruced up by crown embroidery make sensational addition to any nursery room. With it however, special materials like these also have special “demands”.

How to machine embroider or organza

1 – Good stabilization. Actually there’re 2 variants of stabilization:

A – Water soluble backing + temporary spray adhesive (Vilene, Sulky Ultra Solvy, Avalon Plus, Avalon Ultra + KK 100 Gunold, 505),

B – Starch spray (Chirton, Fabric Booster by Odif or other). Starch stiffens organza, making it more “hoopable”. And, according to the opinion of quite a large number of embroiderers, when sprayed with starch (and dried of course) organza doesn’t need backing. Depending on the brand of the starch spray, it might need to be applied on the fabric several times before organza becomes suitable for embroidery.
2 – Careful hooping. As organza is quite “slippery”, some tend to overstretch it when hooping. Such “overstretch” might damage the fabric, that is why stabilization is very important. If you choose stabilization method A, backing should be hooped together with the fabric.

3 – Needle thread tensions should be lowered.

4 – Needles – sharp No 65/9, 70/10, 75/11; threads – soft ones: rayon or cotton. Don’t use metallic threads, as they are too firm for such delicate fabrics. If you want to highlight the golden color of crown in this embroidery, opt for Madeira Rayon Star Gold 1171, Yellow Gold 1070.

5 – For double-sided effect, choose bobbin thread of the same color as the needle thread. Organza canopy with crowns, embroidered in golden thread, will make truly luxurious addition to crib of little princes or princesses.

NOTE: Tulle is completely different from organza. Tulle is more like a stretchy net, so if you opt for tulle canopy for your baby shower gift set, make according preparations for its embroidery.

How to machine embroider on tulle

1 – Stabilization and hooping. Tulle should not be hooped, so it’s attached on a water-soluble backing (Gunold Solvy Fabric, Vilene) with the help of temporary spray adhesive or pins.

If you work with such backings as Madeira E-ZEE Stick-on, Wet N Gone Tacky, Wash Away Madeira Avalon Fix, spray adhesive isn’t required.

2 – Needles – thin, ballpoint ones.

Now could there be a royal crib for a baby without soft and delicious decorative pillows and bumpers? Of course not! Decorative pillows, embroidered with crown, could offer such a wonderful touch to sweet dreams of little princes and princesses. As choice of fabrics for such features is largely up to personal preference of each mommy-to-be, it would be pointless to elaborate on each of the possibility. That is why instead, we offer you decorative combinations that could complement machine embroidery design crown.

Gold Crown Machine Embroidery Design can be combined with the following patterns:

~ Monograms and special dates (birthday, Christening), done in simple or elaborate fonts.
~ Baroque decorative elements and frames,
~ Meaningful phrases, verses and wordings (as e.g. in machine embroidery design “I love my baby”),
~ Other designs, sharing the same theme (as e.g. machine embroidery design baby feet or set of machine embroidery designs baby design elements).

All of the patterns, described as complementary to machine embroidery design crown, can be found on pages of our catalogues. Feel free to use any of them to create the best baby-shower gifts of all times. Go beyond baby-registry in your decorative inspiration and embroider helpful little trifles like bibs, burp cloths, beanies and diaper bags. Any little thing of your baby princes and princess can be graced up by royal sparkle of the golden crown.

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Author: Ludmila Konovalova

My name is Lyudmila Konovalova, and I lead Royal Present Embroidery. Embroidery for me is more than a profession; it is a legacy of my Ukrainian and Bulgarian heritage, where every woman in my family was a virtuoso in cross-stitch and smooth stitching. This art, passed down through generations, is part of my soul and a symbol of national pride.

Date: 30.03.2018