Forget-me-nots Bouquet Machine Embroidery Design

Start exploring our blue floral patterns with Forget-me-nots Bouquet Machine Embroidery Design. Bright, simple and sweet, this little bouquet will enamor you in a flash! Forget-me-nots Bouquet Machine Embroidery Design Size: 98.2×85.3 mm (3.87×3.36 “), Stitches: 14467 Formats: .dst, .jef, .pec, .vip, .hus, .pes, .exp, .sew, .dat, xxx, vp3. dat Few words on the composition […]

Roses and forget-me-nots Machine Embroidery Designs

Every day we admire the flowers when we see them in flower shops, flower beds or trees and even on any images in art or decor. An extraordinary variety of shapes and shades always attracts and fascinates. Do you know that each flower has its own unique meaning and history? In these gifts of nature, […]

Fashion Daisies Machine Embroidery Design – 6 sizes

Daisy is loved by many people flower. Maybe we cannot compare it with the queen of flowers – a rose, but it has something special that attracts. It seems, at first glance, that this is a simple flower. However, we can definitely say that all beautiful is simple. Daisy embroidery pattern is very popular and […]

Forget-me-nots Border Machine Embroidery Design – 2 sizes

The Forget-me-nots Border Machine Embroidery Design is a bright festive pattern. First of all such pattern is relevant for Easter days. During this period the first spring flowers and trees start blossoming. The willow and forget-me-nots are symbolical plant symbols of a sacred holiday. If you start embroidering for Easter in advance, beautiful flowers will […]

Forget-me-nots Corner Machine Embroidery Design

This year Easter’s decided to be an early guest, which means that all the preparations should start earlier too. As Royal Present Embroidery is an ever-ready early bird, we’ve already upgraded our collection of Easter themed embroidery patterns with new gorgeous designs. Easter bunnies to make your smile, adorable ducklings and chicks to shower your […]

Machine Embroidery Design Garden Daisies

Machine Embroidery Design Garden Daisies captivates the sight by the beauty of the bouquet and the concise colors. Skillfully selected coloring creates the feeling that the three large open daisy flowers are shining in the sun. Deep green leaves emphasize the feeling of summer, warmth and blossom. Daisy, as a symbol of purity and innocence, […]

Machine Embroidery Pattern Daisies – 3 sizes

Machine Embroidery Pattern Daisies: the elegance of the Queen of meadows and fields. Chamomile is considered a symbol of Russia. It is the absolute Queen of meadows and fields. If you love embroidery, then your collection of works must have such this motive. We offer you our new stylish Machine Embroidery Pattern Daisies in 3 […]

Machine Embroidery Design White Daisies

Today, disputes around embroidered clothes do not stop. Does it have a place in a person’s daily life or can it only be used to demonstrate on the podium? We can say with confidence that yes, it does. Those who are cold to embroidery on clothes, and prefer the classical style, lose the opportunity to […]

Forget-me-nots and Pussy-Willow Frame Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Bright, joyful, full of forgiveness, faith in life and love is a personification of Easter. On this day we are united by the feeling of God’s grace, the desire to forgive, to love, to visit the most loved people. And of course, we collect the family for a plentifully covered table. That`s why you can […]

Forget-me-nots Wreath Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

We love it when spring starts to spoil us with first fresh flowers, revived vibrant colors and warm weather. We love it not only because it means soon all the annoyance of last winter days will finally disappear, but for its holding a flag for a new season of holidays to start! Judging by weather, […]

Forget-me-nots Frame Machine Embroidery Design – 5 sizes

Unusually bright and lovely Forget-me-nots Frame machine embroidery design instantly attracts looks. It will become a fine addition for easter house interior and easter attributes. Full imitation of a hand-made embroidery allows to make things really unique and special. The frame may contain other symbols, monograms, signs. It is offered in 5 various sizes. Moreover, […]

Forget-me-nots Free Embroidery Design

From methods of beautification of premises, embroidery is extremely popular and elegant. In the past ancient people consider embroidery house ware like charms which protect them from evil spirits. Elements, decorated with embroidery were inherited. Embroidery was decorated with the most suitable things for people and realized like a symbol of well-being. Embroidery work took […]

Beautiful daisies corner Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

The Beautiful daisies corner Machine Embroidery Design is very gentle and romantic. Snow-white daisies with their golden middle attract a look at once. There appears a wish to bend and watch the embroidery closer. The little ladybug brightens the drawing and makes it alive. Bright leaflets and curls of the small stalks frame the flowers […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blank Monogram Forget-me-not

Cute forget-me-nots have an unusual name, as if saying, “Well, let I’m so tiny and can’t compare with luxurious roses or magnificent lilies, but look at me, evaluate my fragile charm and never forget me”. Indeed, machine embroidery design BLANK MONOGRAM FORGET-ME-NOT looks just lovely. Once seeing such beauty, you will not be able to […]

Machine Embroidery Design Forget-me-not

Easy, simple Machine embroidery design Forget-me-not becomes simply irreplaceable. It will come to the aid of the most delicate embroidery projects. This design will help you plunge into the atmosphere of endless floral scents, inspired by nature itself. On the one hand, in this embroidery everything is simple and straightforward. And on the other, it […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Daisies | Embroidering on sweatshirts

What is it with daisies that make everyone feel just so incredibly brightened up? Is it the fact that they are practically made of aromatic rays of sunshine? Is it their fresh colours and luminous grace? For a better answer one can ask Meg Ryan, what with her fascination with daisies in “You’ve Got Mail” […]

Machine Embroidery Design Daisies

Adorable Machine Embroidery Design Daisies is ideal for decoration of home textiles, and can perfectly adorn clothes too. Such a pattern will always remind you of warm summer time, rich aroma of meadow herbs, sweet berries and pretty flowers. Daisies grow almost everywhere, they are found in Europe, America, Africa, and even Australia. There are […]

Set of 3 Machine Embroidery Designs Daisies & Forget-me-nots

What can you say about daisies with forget-me-nots? These flowers remind us of childhood, clarity of mind, purity. They give the ticket to summer! Inhale the unique aroma of delicate flowers and be happy with our new Set of 3 Machine Embroidery Designs Daisies & Forget-me-nots! Flowers loved by all are in harmonious bouquet that […]

Daisies Machine Embroidery Pattern

These magnificent bright summer daisies will make your image simply irresistible and emphasize your refinement and exquisite taste. Performed in the technology of the shadow satin stitch, they are suitable for any summer clothes, both of dense and of fine fabrics. The main thing that you need to choose the correct stabilization. The shadow satin […]

Forget-me-nots Frame Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

They are tender and elegant, timid and sensitive. They are the most well-mannered and the quietest blossoms in the fragrant flower kingdom. But it never stopped them from being truly charming. Their name is forget-me-nots. It has become a tradition to give someone you value so much a forget-me-not. Its delicate blue petals are a […]