Roses and forget-me-nots Machine Embroidery Designs

Every day we admire the flowers when we see them in flower shops, flower beds or trees and even on any images in art or decor. An extraordinary variety of shapes and shades always attracts and fascinates. Do you know that each flower has its own unique meaning and history? In these gifts of nature, many mysteries are hidden, which make them perceive flowers differently.

For example, a rose is mentioned even in ancient traditions about the Garden of Eden. There, this flower grew in the name of eternal love and feelings at first sight, and interestingly, the rose was originally without thorns. They appeared after the expulsion of people from paradise, as a reminder of the fall.

Greeks considered the rose a symbol of infinity because of its extraordinary petals, which form an endless circle. In Rome, this flower was a symbol of morality, courage, the military even put on wreaths of roses in order to pour these qualities into themselves.

In our time, the meaning of the rose is directly related to its color. Thus, the red rose is a sign of true and deep love. It talks about admiration and respect.

Roses and forget-me-nots Machine Embroidery Designs


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Forget-me-nots have not less romantic value. They are also related to religion and in the Middle Ages served as a reminder of God. This flower is associated with many legends and myths, and in some even mentioned such historical figures as Henry Lancaster, Duke of Breton and Lord Skels, brother of Elizabeth Woodville, wife of Henry IV.

In connection with these stories, in England forget-me-nots still mean courage and eternal memory. The French tend to love the meaning of this plant. In Germany, even there is a separate holiday, which is dedicated to forget-me-nots. Also, this flower is now very often identified with a symbol of fidelity and constancy.

In the aggregate it can be said that Roses and forget-me-nots Machine Embroidery Designs can really carry an extraordinarily romantic overtone. Thanks to this, this design can be used to attract tenderness, sympathy and, of course, pure love.

These machine embroidery flowers will be a wonderful decoration for your interior. Colorful flowers can serve as an element that will transform your decor. To do this, you just need to add embroidery to any household item, and which one is the business of your imagination and desire. You can create wonderful cushions for the living room, sets of bed linens for the bedroom, sets of towels for the bathroom or even a napkin for the dining room. Everything will acquire a touch of grace and tenderness thanks to this design.

Also, Roses and forget-me-nots Machine Embroidery Designs will be just a godsend for creative people who want to look stylish and at the same time stand out. You can create a unique outfit by using this embroidery. Place it on a jumper or cardigan, and demonstrate to everyone around your impeccable taste.

These machine embroidery flowers are so versatile, thanks to its beautiful appearance, which can be used in many cases. It will certainly look bright and attractive, no matter how you choose to use these patterns.

Useful advice from Royal Present:

Many buyers write to us about the problems of puckering the fabric as a result of vain attempts to pull the stabilizer on the hoop. That’s why we decided to talk to you about this in our post. Remember, everything that can be hooped, is hooped together with the stabilizer, and in no case separately. At the same time, the stabilizer is hooped effortlessly, and the fabric gradually, within reasonable limits, tightening the screw on the embroidery frame. If you hoop a stabilizer strong in the embroidery frame, after unhooping, it returns to its original position and pulls the embroidery behind it. As a result of this, a puckering of the fabric and embroidery occurs.

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Date: 10.07.2018