Beautiful daisies corner Machine Embroidery Design – 3 sizes

Beautiful daisies corner Machine Embroidery Design

The Beautiful daisies corner Machine Embroidery Design is very gentle and romantic. Snow-white daisies with their golden middle attract a look at once. There appears a wish to bend and watch the embroidery closer. The little ladybug brightens the drawing and makes it alive. Bright leaflets and curls of the small stalks frame the flowers and give the drawing this soft angular form. Every embroideress immediately sees this picture on something.

Certainly, such gentle picture creates the corresponding mood. But, despite the distinguished drawing, this composition is more suitable for decorating things closer to the country style.A tablecloth or curtains in a country house, a bed cover and pillows in your stylish bedroom, refined napkins on a picnic, will become simply irresistible! Moreover, this embroidery and this style demands natural fabrics: cotton, flax, chintz, thin wool, suede or skin.

Beautiful daisies corner Machine Embroidery Design

If you are an adherent of this style, your imagination can expand the range of this drawing’s application even more. Therefore, such beautiful daisies corner Machine Embroidery Design can appear on your clothes in the country style as well. For example, on a suede vest or a print skirt, on leather boots or a woolen scarf. Daisies and a ladybug will be pertinent, original and, of course, delightful.

Sometimes jobs which has attracted you on our website can push you on to some great actions. You could wish to make changes of the style or start repairing the house, will want to organize a refined party or a contest. Remember, that a creative person haunts himself and others with his activity. Don’t worry, his mission is to change the world to the best. We are glad that we are from the same team.
Thanks to it, the refined embroidery, chic and traditional way of ornament, has became more available today. If you choose the necessary design, and you have or buy things for this decoration, then, the order of the design won’t take much time. Besides, with our exact machine programs, even a beginner will cope with it. Thus, if you love unique things, then the simplest way to realize your desires is to use machine embroidery designs. With their help it is possible to implement the most creative ideas, to surprise and please your family, your nearest and dearest.

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Daisies corner Machine Embroidery Design

Daisies corner Machine Embroidery Design


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