Machine Embroidery Design Baroque Split Name Frame – 3 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Baroque Split Name Frame – 3 sizes Hoop size: 130 x 180 mm ≈5.1 x 7 inches, 200×200 mm ≈7.9 x 7.9 inches, 180 x 300 mm ≈7 x 11.75 inches Formats: .pes, .pec, .hus, .vip, .dst, .exp, .sew, .dat, .vp3, xxx, jef You must have the relevant software and Hardware to […]

Machine Embroidery Design Tropical orchids

Machine Embroidery Design Tropical orchids inspire with their rich colors and create a great summer mood. This amazing machine embroidery design would look fabulous on pale textiles, for example, on white tablecloths and serviettes. It is also suitable for interior embroidery, clothes and accessories. These incomparable flowers will show you how to rejoice in each […]

Machine Embroidery Design Tropical bouquet of orchids

Gray aloofness of glass and cement blocks of big cities tends to devour all the energy from urban dwellers. Trading flashy neon lights for the real vivid shine of life, city centers could literally dilute our fragile spirit. How to fight this grim, stupefying force? According to wisdom of Mother Nature, which always sets everything […]

Machine Embroidery Design Tropical orchid flowers

Twice a day the sun graces the azure yonder with glorious aurifaction inspired by ethereal rainbows and precious earth-born gemstones. Colors of the aubade skies reverberate in the gorgeous tones of eventide vault, inspiring the blossoming of the most exquisite flower – the orchid. Sophisticated efflorescence of orchids masterly captures the essence of the heavenly […]

Machine Embroidery Design Pink orchid

In late autumn our mind, drained by the work and bored by the routine, seeks solace in radiance of blushing summery dream. Precious reminiscence of evenings, spent reveling at the luscious peregrine sun being put asleep by lulling sways of salty waves, mellows dullness of withering warmth. To enrich the reveries and make them more […]

Machine Embroidery Design Tropical orchid corner

What keep our hearts warm during austere in color wintery days? The answer for many of us is a dream of summer, a transparent florid fantasy, beaming with wonderful aurous glow. Romantic sunsets, infused with intoxicating aroma of sensual spices, blended into the essence of the air itself, is all what summer is about. Exotic […]

Blue Machine Embroidery Design vintage ornate border – 2 sizes

This magnificent embroidery is made in noble aristocratic shades of blue. It will conquer everyone with its original curls, patterns and chic monograms. Blue Machine Embroidery Design vintage ornate border undoubtedly will become a bright decoration of your interior. Borders in machine embroidery are a very popular way of decorating interior and clothing items. They […]

Machine Embroidery Design Heart shaped lock and flowers – 2 in 1

HEART SHAPED LOCK AND FLOWERS is a couple of delightful machine embroidery designs, created to complement each other. Crimson roses decorate the vintage heart-shaped padlock, and the matching ribbon beautifies the key. They look great together, although you can use each of the designs individually. Transfer these patterns for embroidery machines on fabric, and your […]

Cutwork machine embroidery design Cherries napkin – 3 sizes

This magnificent Cutwork machine embroidery design Cherries napkin from our Cutwork Designs for Embroidery Machines collection will be a great addition for a festive table, and a godsend for daily using. It is done in popular embroider cutwork technique, or as it also named Richelieu technique. It combines the simplicity and at the same time […]

Cutwork machine embroidery design Cherries

Cutwork machine embroidery design Cherries is a heritage of France and French embroidery. It is executed in technique, which was invented by the great and famous French cardinal Richelieu. It’s amazing, isn`t it? A strict, powerful, inexorable man liked to embroider in his free time. Technique Richelieu is known throughout the world. It has many […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blackberry round wreath – 2 sizes

Embroidery has a centuries-old history. At all times women have sought to decorate their homes and clothes with beautiful patterns of colored threads. Often the work required a lot of time until it was implemented on a fabric. Today, when interest in embroidery has revived, any design you like can be obtained within a few […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Hydrangea in the teacup

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Hydrangea in the teacup is an exquisite gift from the azure yonder, presented in the most adorable incrustation of an amethystine teacup set. Nature and the sky assembled all their love, inspiration and artistry and poured them into this particular flower. The colors, which range from transparent crystal breath of the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Teacup Peonies

Peonies, magnificent blooms, were once thought to be creations of Selene. The moon goddess, which deemed that only those gorgeous petals were worthy of reflecting her unique silver beauty. Enchanting trail of the flower through the legendary history reveals beautiful stories of elfin fairies. Even ensorcelled emperors, dwelling within the luscious efflorescence, praising the beauty […]

Machine Embroidery Design Anemone in the teacup

Machine Embroidery Design Anemone in the tea cup displays the magnificent flower, nestled in the most adorable cradle possible. This wonderful combination gives a unique aura of sweet fairytale charm to the opulent bouquet.

Machine Embroidery Design Teacup floral composition

Glorious flowers, swaying their silky petals with every light kiss of a balmy breeze, have been adored by people and gods since the dawn of times. Little summery enchanters, these blossoms inspired heroes, artists, poets and writers with their almost magical powers and otherworldly beauty. Poppies are most patient blooms of the entire floral kingdom, […]

Christmas Machine Embroidery Design Poinsettia

Christmas Machine Embroidery Design Poinsettia gives us a chance to enjoy the natural beauties. The refinement of this design is highlighted by the peculiar color choice of the major florets. It is not the usual intense flair of scarlet hues that portray these poinsettias.

Christmas Machine Embroidery Design Cones

Nature of winter is an inventive artist, cherishing every single morsel if its beautiful décor. If warm seasons could lavish themselves in colorful abundance of floral and verdure jewelry of their own device, nature of the ice has to do with lesser riches. But with what finesse does she compose her masterpieces! She covers trees […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas garland

What are your favorite Christmas decorations? Christmas trees, the Nativity scenes, cheerful carols, festive garlands, – the list is endless because all of them are deeply cherished not only due to their traditional character. Because each of them bring up memories of wonderful happy moments full of miracles. All the above things have something truly […]

Machine Embroidery Design Victorian floral decor – 2 sizes

Romantic elegance of elaborate era when ladies wore exquisite airy habiliments and gentlemen were adorned with livery of the highest standard still fascinates every admirer of Jane Austin’s masterpieces. Her literary artistry enfolds one’s imagination with beautiful scenery of English nature. Misty marshes, long walks in parks, surrounding grand estates of the nobles, which were […]

Machine Embroidery Design Kalocsa motif – 2 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Kalocsa motif is a delightful floral wreath, infused with aroma of romantic fairy tales and freshness of blooming nature. It is a delicate ethereal open-work, which is lavished with a wonderful assortment of springtime jewels. Among the floral abundance there are familiar outlines of humble wildflowers, which warm our hearts with their agreeable tenderness.

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas floral wreath – 3 sizes

Exquisite elegance of wintery months shines with luster of crystal snow and frosted ornamentations of windows. The northern enchantress loves all the white tones so much that envelopes everything in the silvery shimmer: nacreous coat for roofs, transparent glistening blankets for ponds. Despite seeming monochrome fascination however, Her Majesty Winter knows how to celebrate life, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gold Christmas tree – 2 sizes

Christmastide is a glorious opportunity to enjoy some extra sparkle in atmosphere. The joyous mode of the holidays makes everything look exceptionally radiant: snow graces us with its nacreous luster; garlands of front yards twinkle cheerfully and even windows shimmer with crystal edging lace. Inspired by all the scintillation, we strive after same brilliance inside […]