Machine Embroidery Design Christmas floral wreath – 3 sizes

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas floral wreath

Exquisite elegance of wintery months shines with luster of crystal snow and frosted ornamentations of windows. The northern enchantress loves all the white tones so much that envelopes everything in the silvery shimmer: nacreous coat for roofs, transparent glistening blankets for ponds. Despite seeming monochrome fascination however, Her Majesty Winter knows how to celebrate life, which is why the most beloved holiday season occurs during her reign. And what colors and ornamentations does she splurge on us on the occasion!

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas floral wreath


Machine Embroidery Design Christmas floral wreath is one of winter best decorations, framed in softness of threads and textile. This gorgeous motive has all the best finery of the season. Bright colors, robust efflorescence and most traditional articulation of festive decoration. The harmony of design is highlighted by the inner meaning of each element. Elegant white and gentle rose poinsettias represent both hollies and mistletoes, brave berries, brandishing their colors in the stark wintery background.

Rubies of brier berries are precious gems, full of vibrant hues, merrily popping up here and there along the wreath. Sturdy woody pinecones, with many layered coats, kissed by frost fairies, make nice contrast to the cheerful flourishing of fair petals and bright buds. Pointy emeralds of the foliage fondle all the opulence of wintery nature, coloring the whole array with freshness and mirth. Wonderful stitching layout conveys the volume of each outline with perfect precision. Petals of the florets and bulbous scarlet berries are almost palpable on the surface of the fabric. The toothed leaves seem to prick through the textile.

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