Machine Embroidery Design Cute two Elephants

Bright machine embroidery design Cute two elephants is perfect for children. Charming blue-eyed elephants and small birds can adorn blankets, quilts, bedspreads and cushions in the child’s room, and can also help to create good mood, appearing in frames on the walls. Elephant is a big, good-natured creature, deeply revered in many cultures, particularly in […]

Machine Embroidery Design Afghan Hound

Machine Embroidery Design Afghan Hound is a trendy girl: there is a stylish red bow with polka dots tied on her head that attracts attention and accentuates a refined Oriental appearance of the dog. Slanted eyes, full of dignity expression and long silky coat hair, which once served as protection from the cold climate of […]

Machine Embroidery Design French bulldog

Just take a look at this funny and smart French bulldog: red Santa hat fit him extraordinary well, and the dog, being so pleased, seems to realize that. He even narrows his eyes from pleasure and looks like laughing from ear to ear. The bright bow tie complements the bulldog’s outfit, so he is absolutely […]

Machine Embroidery Design Giraffe portrait in a red Santa’s hat

The giraffe is a truly unique animal, and the GIRAFFE PORTRAIT IN A RED SANTA’S HAT is cute and funny. This machine embroidery design is perfect for those who are tired of reindeer sweaters or jumpers with snowflakes, and want to have some creative Christmas decorations on their clothes. A giraffe couldn’t be called trivial, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Puppies Pug and Chihuahua – 2 sizes

Stylish Machine Embroidery Design Puppies Pug and Chihuahua have the task already done: their bright festive costumes are beyond praise. All admirers of small dogs would love this machine embroidery design. It will look great on warm sweaters and scarves, which are perfect for the cold Christmas holidays.

Machine Embroidery Design Rooster with Japanese Wreath decoration

In anticipation of the Fire Rooster coming year Machine Embroidery Design Rooster with Japanese Wreath decoration will be just in time. With this colourful embroidery you can create a festive mood for the New Year by decorating clothes, furnishings and table linens. Unlike the usual Western zodiac, which depends on the birth month, each sign […]

Machine Embroidery Design Rooster with a tie – 2 sizes

If you like to look unusual and be a center of attention, machine embroidery design ROOSTER WITH A TIE is just for you. This remarkable pattern will without a doubt attract interested looks. A great deal more it is suitable for those who were born in the year of the Rooster according to the Chinese […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Three Angels sing

Christmas is celebrated by millions of people in different countries. This is definitely one of the most important winter holidays both children and adults look forward to. Decorating the house, don’t forget about little angels, because they correspond to Christmas like no other symbol. Machine Embroidery Designs Three Angels sing are perfect for festive textiles […]

Machine Embroidery Design Gold Classic Blank Monogram

Luxury Machine Embroidery Design Gold Classic Blank Monogram will be a great decoration for the personal belongings. This elegant design in antique style, which is to be embroidered with a goldish thread, can show the wealth and prosperity of the owner. Its clear uncluttered lines allow it to be used both for female and male […]

Machine Embroidery Design Classic Blank Monogram

Centuries ago, monograms were used only by aristocrats, whose who belonged to honorable families by birth. Capital letters of the name written in calligraphic font or artfully intertwined were a sign of noble origin and high position in society. Today a monogram attracts no less attention, especially beautifully and elaborately decorated. Machine Embroidery Design Classic […]

Machine Embroidery Design Angel holding a lamb – 3 sizes

The Machine Embroidery Design Angel holding a lamb won’t leave anybody indifferent. It is presented in three sizes, therefore it will suit kidswear and interior decoration. First, the most widespread use of this design is for religious purposes. Clothes and attributes for baptizing, communion, etc. with the lovely angel will be really impressive. The angel […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Beautiful flowers

What is a source of inspiration for fashion designers, who season after season manage to waltz the whimsical effervescent goddess of style? It must be something as multifarious and constantly transforming as the vogue queen herself. The answer could be scented in elegant fragrances and elaborate finery of the latest catwalk trends. It is the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Chinese Zodiac Sign Rooster

What is the best way to understand the intricacies of sophisticated Chinese culture? Is learning the language enough for at least slightest comprehension of this multifarious venerable civilization? Providing that each hieroglyph might be interpreted in myriads ways if framed by enigmatic representation of artful and religious concepts, one should also immerse into the whimsical […]

Machine Embroidery Design Field chamomile

Machine Embroidery Design Field chamomile is an elegant little garland of delicate daisies, adorned with fine incrustation of gentle scalloping leaves. The composition of the design is so sublime and airy, that it would ennoble any textile piece. White petals create an almost intangible pearly cloud, graced by nature’s artistry with golden dew droplets. Intricate leaves do not encroach on the fair flowers, but rather tenderly envelop them with their willowy palms.

Red Poppies Machine Embroidery Design

Vogue is such an ingenious painter, never lacking keenness of vision and new ideas, ready to be poured onto next trendy-to-be textiles and fabrics. But whether she creates fresh patterns and ornaments for the pure fun of it or artistically transforms and reshapes familiar ones, to purposely alter their connotation and contextual implication, we cannot […]

Machine Embroidery Design Zodiac Sign Rooster

There are few cultural traditions and believes that transcend borders of their birthplaces to influence and inspire entire civilizations. Chinese zodiac is one of such marvels, which gracefully balances on the verge of mythical and factual realms. Each of the twelve sacred signs of Chinese zodiac has its unique energy, but only rooster stands out […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas border

No one will argue that Santa Claus is the main fairy-tale character on the New Year’s holiday. From an early age, each of us was looking forward to the appearance of this bearded old man. We tried all year to behave well (or not), in order to get a reward from him in the end. […]

FSL Machine Embroidery Design Loop towel

What does a perfect bathroom look like? Sparkling tiles, clean floor, shining sink and few decorative accents here and there, – these things we notice and admire in every bathroom. Towels of such bathrooms are soft fragrant clouds, stately cascading from their hangers, always at hand, ready to envelop our skin with their fluffy palms. […]

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Eastern Blank Monogram

Machine Embroidery Design Blue Eastern Blank Monogram would equal any drapery, habiliment or napery to regal raiment of sultans’ palaces, coloring them with luxuriance and refined elegance. Everything about the design heralds royal presence. The arrangement of exquisitely intertwining flowers and feathery leaves, embraced by gracefully arching fronds and whimsical tendrils, whirls the pattern into […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Elegant Decor – 3 sizes

Some prefer fresh flowers in the house, but don’t want to duplicate them in an embroidery. Beautiful designs do not always fit to a certain style of the room. Do you want to decorate the house, but not to overload it with excessive additions? We have considered this approach as well. If you are an […]

Machine Embroidery Design Christmas clock – 2 sizes

Snowy season brings many wonderful gifts. The whiteness of its attire graces everything, transforming even the plainest thing into royal treasure. Sparkles of cheerful garlands add effervescent joyfulness to even gloomiest air. This season we wait like no other for its main bestowal – Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. To accommodate the season’s enchanting character […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Vegetables

Aprons and potholders, decorated with such needlework would add cheerful spirit to cooking bustle and serve as clever housewarming gifts. Scrumptious buds, paraded in any order, will delightfully accessorize kitchen curtains or chair covers. Sweet embellishments would create a sunny atmosphere around any kitchen. Tote bags, embroidered with bright colored vegetable images, could become nifty […]

Machine Embroidery Design Eastern border

Mysterious realms of lands afar, where treasures are hidden in caves and beauties are kept in high towers, gave birth to most mesmerizing ornaments known to men. Articulation of intricate swirls and movement of curvy lines resemble alluring wordings of time forgotten fairy tales, told by a cunning enchantress to sweeten a cruel sultan. Entangled […]

Machine Embroidery Design Eastern Blank Monogram

Oriental pattern is an elaborate dance of exquisite curves, paradise flowers and enchanting scrollwork of meandering vines. Such beautiful elegance would magically transform any and every textile item, regardless of its relevance to particular purpose. Machine Embroidery Design Eastern Blank Monogram, embroidered on linen or napery would enhance their feel, pouring graceful panache on the […]

Machine Embroidery Design Chinese pattern – 2 sizes

CHINESE PATTERN is an example of luxurious machine embroidery design, which will literally transform your home textiles. Linen, towels, serving sets, or even light translucent curtains, decorated with such a refined Oriental border, will look exquisite and draw the attention of guests. This extraordinary design will not only serve as adornment, but will also attract […]