FSL Machine Embroidery Design Loop towel

FSL Machine Embroidery Design Loop towel

What does a perfect bathroom look like? Sparkling tiles, clean floor, shining sink and few decorative accents here and there, – these things we notice and admire in every bathroom. Towels of such bathrooms are soft fragrant clouds, stately cascading from their hangers, always at hand, ready to envelop our skin with their fluffy palms. Everything is in its place and nothing is amiss. Every little detail is deliberated and articulated with spotless trimness and style. Even loops for the towels are fashioned so that not only just to adhere the cloth to the rail, but to also add elegancy and grace.

FSL Machine Embroidery Design Loop towel is a perfect example of beautifully thought through element of an item (of any towel or bathrobe). Which transcends its functional character to become a lovely accessory on its own. The motif of the lace ribbon is a fine compliment to tasteful yet chic combination of airy filigree of classic lines and shapes.

FSL Machine Embroidery Design Loop towel

Hoop size 100×100 mm – 4×4″
Formats: .dst, .pec, .jef, .hus, .vip, .pes, exp, vp3, .dat, .sew, xxx

Changes of color may add wonderful nuances to the character of the lace: in white it could become a frosted incrustation of dainty snowflakes; in brighter, more intense colors this threadwork would smile with floral cheeriness and zing; darker shades might even assume the look of an elegant, earth-inspired bohemian jewelry. The essence of the design of the pattern makes the lace endure tear and wear of constant use without loosening and braking in any spot through its stretch.

Such a lovely loop would gracefully enhance functional feature of both luxurious robe towels and everyday hand-cloths. Such a convenient decorative accent to hooded towels or wrappers for babies would be helpful when after a bath or a shower it is important to quickly wrap the little ones. With this lacy loop on, the towels will always remain exactly where you hanged them. Towels, which are poised by the loop have fewer chances to end up on the floor, which is especially useful with children (or our dear husbands), who, let’s face it, would not always pay attention to where they put things after they use them.

When such elements convey elegance and sophistication, just like this embroidery design loop towel, it enhances value not only to the item itself, but also to the style of the household in the whole.

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