Machine Embroidery Design Classic Blank Monogram

Centuries ago, monograms were used only by aristocrats, whose who belonged to honorable families by birth. Capital letters of the name written in calligraphic font or artfully intertwined were a sign of noble origin and high position in society.

Today a monogram attracts no less attention, especially beautifully and elaborately decorated. Machine Embroidery Design Classic Blank Monogram is made in the style of Classicism – a period in the history of western civilizations, when all spheres of cultural life saw a return to the traditions of antiquity.

Antique style, which later formed the basis of classicism, can be described in three words as monumental, formal and restrained. There are no intricate ornate elements, on the contrary, it is dominated by clear lines and ordinary geometry shapes. Plants and animals are pictured quite simple and without extra embellishments.

Machine Embroidery Design Classic Blank Monogram

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New patrician and majestic classical style was somewhat mitigated by the influence of the grandiose Baroque and romantic Rococo. The new trends affected all aspects of life. From architecture to women’s dresses, so such Machine Embroidery Design Classic Blank Monogram could have decorated the textiles in those years as well.

In our days we call classical everything made in strict, formal manner. Concise form and the lack of gaudy adornments are typical for this style. A perfect example is our Machine Embroidery Design Classic Blank Monogram. This frame, shaped like a Greek vase, is moderately decorated with simple abstract ornament, in the center of which stands a heraldic Lily – a symbol of Royal power in medieval Europe.

A variety of textiles, decorated with unique personalized embroidery, can be a great gift for birthday at any age. Textile with celebrant’s monogram in a refined elegant ivory frame will please and surprise even the choosiest person. This embroidery is universal and suitable for female and male things.

Nowadays this kind of gift is especially popular for the newlyweds. A monogram of the first letters of the two names in a classic framing can be arranged in a textile embroidered picture and presented to a couple on their wedding day or anniversary.

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