Machine Embroidery Design Young ballerina – 3 sizes

If you will look at this picture by chance, not while just picking up a thematic one, you will be caught by it. You will be attracted by the simple, but simultaneously refined outlines of the ballerina, hardening in dance. It seems the dancer will flutter from fabric and lead you away in the world […]

Machine Embroidery Design Indian brown lace border

There’s a place in the world, where fragrance of spices makes up the essence of life. Exquisite cardamom and alluring saffron, charming jasmine and sensual sandal aromas rule these magical lands. Once savored, they will always remain in your mind, memories and dreams. You’ll always look for their flavor and finesse everywhere you go. For […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Lilies and butterflies – 2 sizes

This gentle Free Machine Embroidery Design Lilies and butterflies will recover even the most usual things. Soft inflorescences of Lilia and bright butterflies will fill environment with spring notes. This fresh breath of spring and summer can lighten the mood in winter and gracefully add to summer landscapes. Such picture will refresh bed linen, towels, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful shell – 2 sizes

Watching this design, each of us remembers how he rested in the summer by the sea, wandered barefoot on wet, warm sand and collected on the foamy shore of the shells, choosing from all the variety of specimens more interesting. Listening to the sound of the sea wave, we carefully looked for special shells; those […]

Machine Embroidery Design Seashell

Often, the shell is associated with summer, warmth of the sun and sea. It reminds us of a long-awaited rest, tranquility and relaxation. Often, seashells help to decorate the interior, especially if it is made in a marine style. After all, the shell is a symbol of prosperity and well-being and the accumulation of positive […]

Machine Embroidery Design Floral pattern – 3 sizes

This seemingly simple machine embroidery design can significantly change your textiles. Machine Embroidery Design Floral pattern is a fragment, which you’re free to use to create a border or a whole cloth. On a product it turns into an artful cobweb of fine ornamentation. There is nothing superfluous, only smooth lines, tiny leaves and small […]

Machine Embroidery Design Orchid Border

Since the creation of the world, people know of one extraordinary flower. In ancient times this flower was even used to express romantic feelings. Many legends and myths have been created about it, because people are not only admired by its appearance, but also excited mind with its smell. The name of this flower is […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Crane

Free Machine Embroidery Design Crane renders the joy of coming sunshine days after the long winter sleep. Cranes migrate to their breed grounds and their coming home is rejoicingly celebrated by the amazing sounds they make on landing. Spring flowers emphasize the idea of a new season of blossom and revival to come. For all […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Indian pattern – 2 sizes

Free Machine Embroidery Design Indian pattern represents our collection of amazing Indian ornaments. Recall that the embroidery of various nationalities is now very popular. It is used in the latest collections of world brands and famous couturiers. The appearance of Indian embroidery dates back to the 5th century BC. It retained all the formation and […]

Machine Embroidery Design Valentines Day

There are a lot of ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Some prefer to splurge on extravagant dinners, jewelry and other expensive trimmings. Others like to keep it low-key with cozy at-home dinner, handmade gifts and lots of sweet for-two-only things. Despite the surely adorned by many fancy Valentine’s Day, the other way is so much […]

Machine Embroidery Design Indian Pink Lace border

The refinement and quality of the Indian fabrics, lace, cashmere is known around the world since ancient times. Magnificent colouring and embroideries on fabric have made them recognizable and highly valued. By means of the Machine Embroidery Design Indian Pink Lace border you can create a similar masterpiece. Especially, when you are a fan of […]

Machine Embroidery Design Thistle Crest

Machine Embroidery Design Thistle Crest is quite unusual. Indeed, the motifs with various garden and wild flowers dominate among the floral ornaments. Roses, tulips, forget-me-nots, daisies are especially popular, while the thistle is utterly rare. It’s not customary to include it in bouquets, but you can use it as an unobtrusive decoration. THISTLE CREST may […]

Easter Doves Machine Embroidery Design

This is the most wonderful design that was created specifically for the day of the Easter celebration. The composition is filled with motives of this bright holiday and all its details radiate that warm and pure spirit. Pigeons, which are a symbol of the peace, hold a charming ribbon decorated with flowers that wraps one […]

Cross-stitch Machine Embroidery Design Pansies

There is a word that says, “Life is very short to be engaged into something accept embroidering.” We have never puzzled why embroidery is gaining such enormous popularity. We all know that it has a long origin. In antiquity, embroidery on clothing and household items was used like a charm and had magic power. Nowadays […]

Free Machine Embroidery Design Floral Frame – 3 sizes

A lovely springtime lullaby sang by the clear crystals of the sky, sparkling in the golden ray of gentle sun. Their tunes, filled with serenity and sweet mellowness, match beautifully whispers of the breeze, the ever faithful companion of the spring. Always it comes and goes, following his queen. But the azure and gold celestial […]

Free Bargello Machine Embroidery Design

Do you know such a word as a bargello? Bargello is not only one of the oldest buildings in Florence, but also a special old Florentine embroidery technique. Ornaments, executed in this style, are amazing with their simplicity and at the same time unusual. This Florentine embroidery is considered one of the brightest in the […]

Bargello Machine Embroidery Design

If you want to discover something new, original and bright in embroidery, we recommend you pay attention to the Bargello technique. It will transform anything! Bargello is an old Florentine embroidery, which has deep roots and its own history. Not so long ago, it regained popularity and is now loved by many embroiderers. As we […]

Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful Bargello

This magnificent colorful Machine Embroidery Design Beautiful Bargello will become a bright highlight not only in your interior, but also in your clothes. It is so universal and unique that it can be used even in the most seemingly unforeseen cases. It is perfectly combined with different styles and directions, both in an interior, and […]

Machine Embroidery Design Palm leaves

Machine Embroidery Design Palm leaves look simple for the first not careful look. But like a Cinderella, it will become a beautiful princess in sophisticated hands of a master. It can turn out to be a happy solution for a beginner’s project. If this is one of your first works, the easiness of execution will […]

Machine embroidery design Mallow Easter egg

One of the most important Christian holidays, Easter or the Resurrection of Christ, has always been associated with light, warmth and hope. The process of preparing for this day has already become familiar to us. Carrying out special rituals throughout the Great or Holy Week, under its end, people paint eggs on the Easter table, […]

Machine Embroidery Design Bargello

Machine embroidery design Bargello is a bright representative of the world-famous Florentine embroidery. Color shades, incredible brightness and uniqueness are the most important features of this embroidery according to aesthetic filling. In addition to these qualities, Bargello’s technique is inherent in one more feature. It clearly distinguishes the embroidery of Bargello from other techniques of […]

Lace square Machine Embroidery Design

An interesting composition is executed in such a way that the square looks like a lace and simply shines with grace and aristocracy. Such a fascinating design will certainly help you in creating a perfect interior. It depends on you, where exactly to place this unusually beautiful ornament. One of the most standard, though still […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Decoration corner

In our collection the unique machine embroidery design Vintage decoration corner in an ancient engraving style has appeared. It will help to emphasize the style of an interior. Where could this refined semi-antique pattern be placed? First of all, this noble author’s designs for machine embroidery will emphasize the Empire Style space. The Empire style […]

Machine Embroidery Design Abstract vintage frame

Many of us are familiar with the tradition of designating the belonging of an object to a particular person. So, we can easily use our Machine Embroidery Design Abstract Vintage Frame. Yet, let’s talk with you a bit about monograms. Perhaps useful information will be found not only by beginners, but also by experienced embroiderers. […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Two swallows

Machine Embroidery Designs Two swallows are here to bring you delicate spring flowers and a couple of Easter eggs. They know the great celebration is coming and would be glad to help you to prepare properly. Embroider the birds on table textiles, towels or decorative napkins, and your home will be filled with the expectations […]

Machine Embroidery Designs Tulips

The tulip was the king, ruler, enchanter and the emblem of the Ottoman Empire. Its fairy tale, its legends and myths have outlived the bygone kingdom, still making ravishing appearances in replicas of Roxelana’s jewelry, decorative masterpieces of minarets and of course at the most prominent veneration of tulip blossoms, held every April in the […]

Machine Embroidery lace design

If ever romantic dreams were to take form of something tangible it could only be one thing – lace. Nothing says romance better than ethereal froth of needle-and-thread whimsy, flourishing on a piece of light material or textile. That is why when women want to feel extra beautiful, feminine and delicate they chose lace. Anything […]

Machine Embroidery Design Happy Easter Egg – 2 sizes

Colored eggs are rooted so deeply in Easter celebration that we just can’t imagine it without these rainbow drops. It’s like some magical of plant bursts in bloom, lavishing us with colorful eggs every time when spring comes. And owing to this vivid «magic» kids learn and love Easter even more. May be that is […]

Machine Embroidery Design Line Art Baroque Monogram Blank – 3 sizes

Machine embroidery design Line Art Monogram blank is perfect for lovers of monochrome, antique baroque embroidery. Stylish and at the same time restrained curls, clear contours and an incredible composition of this frame perfectly fit into any interior. You can use this design not only to decorate home interior and textiles, but also to create […]

Machine Embroidery Design Vintage Baroque style

Machine embroidery design Vintage baroque style is a vivid representative of its art direction. Executed in black and white tones, openwork curls and refined lines are simply amazing. By the way, embroidery in the Baroque style regains its popularity. It is not only a bizarre vintage pattern. It is also characterized by romantic shepherd motives, […]