Machine Embroidery Design Thistle Crest

Machine Embroidery Design Thistle Crest is quite unusual. Indeed, the motifs with various garden and wild flowers dominate among the floral ornaments. Roses, tulips, forget-me-nots, daisies are especially popular, while the thistle is utterly rare. It’s not customary to include it in bouquets, but you can use it as an unobtrusive decoration. THISTLE CREST may not become the center of attention, but it will surely catch the interest of your guests.

The thistle is a plant with fluffy, bright pink or purple blossoms, spiny stems and leaves. Its Latin name, carduus, literally means “a kind of thistle” or “thistlelike plant”. It’s hardly beautiful or even cute. Moreover, this surprisingly tenacious weed brings a lot of trouble to gardeners. You may cut its root multiple times, but it grows again and quickly captures new lands. It is rather injurious, too.

However, thistle’s able to bring tangible benefits. Beekeepers value it, because its noticeable flowers are rich in nectar. Yes, spiny thistle is an excellent honey plant. What is more, some species have seeds that yield vegetable oil. Others are used in pharmaceutical industry. We also should mention that there are decorative kinds, which complement gardens and flower beds. Though their beauty is still a bit doubtful.

Machine Embroidery Design Thistle Crest


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In culture, the thistle is well known as the national emblem of Scotland. According to a legend, it once saved the Scottish army and lands. The enemy wanted to attack at night, but got into the thickets of thistles. Cries of pain awoke sleeping Scottish soldiers thus saving the day. Since then, the plant has become the symbol of a free Scotland and its strong and sturdy people.

So, a common thistle is not so simple. It truly deserves the right to be on one of your textile products. Monochrome image in the technique of hand stitches will look very nice on natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. This pattern will enliven the interior of the kitchen and dining room, or even your living room. It has 2 sizes for your convenience – a bigger and a smaller one. All in all, if you decide to work with Machine Embroidery Design Thistle Crest, it will be a great choice!

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